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The Senate In reality has no real job. Yes, the senates can disapprove or approve any piece of government legislation. If however the House of Common disagrees then they over rule the senates. If the prime minister loses the support of the House of Commons or the cabinet then he must resign. If the prime Minister losses the support from the senates it is like nothing happened. The prime Minster does not really care because that does not affect him in anyway shape or form. No, one really takes the senates seriously. The senate gives voice to provinces, why is it that many people do not support them? The senates have no real position; they are there just because.

Senates can give their opinion but in reality their opinion will not be taken into consideration. For example in September 1990 everyone questioned the senate’s and ignored what they had to say about GST. The prime minister told the senate that they should not block the wishes of the House of Commons. This reinforces my opinion because the senates may try to be important but the government does not need the senates. I am not denying that the senates have not done a lot of investigation of political and social issues that Canada faces. However this job can be filled by Royal commissions or public inquiries. The government would be the way it is today with or with out the senates.

Should the Canadian senate be abolished? Is an important issue because this decides “whether the senators should be elected or appointed (and by whom), what regions groups or people they should represent, and what powers they should have.The senates can voice their opinions but their voice will not be heard. The House of Commons can overrule the senates meaning that senates are not really needed. The senates do not have public support. The prime Minster himself even accused the senates of blocking the wishes of the House of Commons. Meaning the prime Minster does not support the senates. I stand by my opinion the Canadian senate should be abolished

I just skimmed through it, but I think you should revise the part in the first paragraph that says "they are just there because"

Also, in the last paragraph, I think you should put "it" between is and an.

The word Senate should probably be capitalized throughout the essay.

There are some spelling mistakes you should fix as well.

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