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Is modernization a world-wide trend?

Yes. Using the definitions of modernization in this site, it's clear that people want to modernize.

However, what is modern to some people may not seem modern to other people in the world. For instance, several years ago I met a man from Africa who had been sent by his church to a conference here in the U.S. Yet, his wife was still drawing water from the village well, and he hoped that his adult sons would dig him a well for their home. The proliferation of cell phones in developing and undeveloped countries is another indication that modernization is a world-wide trend.

However, some people reject modern movies and popular music. But most of them still want to modernize in other areas.

What are the features of sociology that distinguish it from everyday speculations of social life? Why did they emerge at the time that they did(about the 19th century)?

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