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Us history

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Woodrow wilson was determined to " strike a new note in international affairs... to see that sheer honesty and even unselfishness... should prevail over nationalistic self-seeking in america foreign policy." evaluate in respect of
a neutrality in ww1
american involvement in ww1

I do not get what they want me to write about. I don't get the quote. can some one please explain it Thank you

Write about how he wanted to prevent another war after reading above link.

but what dose the quote mean please explain

It means that the "business community" (wealthy) should not be the decision makers regarding how the US relates with foreign countries. The US govt. should make decisons based on what is best for all people and make those decisions based on the truth.

so what should I write about in my essay

wold my essay be right if I talk about neurality
Us in the ww1
league of nations

That would be an excellent idea... that was the focus of Wilson's speech.


Are you in my class?

I would be like OMG if you were in Mr. Abreu's AP History class.

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