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What steps do I take in solving this problem? It is about graphing inequalities.


put the equation in the form of y ? x + constant. ? means greater than or less than. That is the first step.

You are getting no more help until you start showing some thinking or work. The idea of posting work here for us to do is revolting, but your placing a different name on each post borders on deceit. Look up that word.

My name is Keshia Washington. I am in the tenth grade. my cousin lets me use her comptuer from time to time when I need help with something. I've been posting a few question to see how things are done correctly because this is my first year taking algebra, so there are somethings that I don't quite understand, and my teacher don't go in-dept with us enough for me to grasp this, so please don't get it twisted!!

I am not deceting you in no way or form because my name is Keshia Washington. I am using my cousin computer with her permission. Thank You!!!

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    well i having problems that r hard for me

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