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Physical Science

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A donkey pulls a cart(c) with a mass of 240kg, attached to a log of wood(w), with a mass of 80kg on a horizontal road. W is tied to the back of c by means of non elastic rope. The donkey applies a foce of 170N on Cart c and the system accelerates at 0,3m s-2 to the left. The force of friction on the cart in 40N. The rope has negligible mass.
How do I draw a diagram for cart c, indicating and labelling all the forces acting on it and how do I calculate the magnitude of the force which the rope exerts on c and the force of friction on w?

The magnitude of the force on w is...

170 - friction - masscart*acceleration.

There is a flaw in this problem: the non elastic rope pulling w...technically, non elastic means it can be absorbing energy, meaning the force at the front of w may not be the same force at the back at w. I suppose your teacher did not mean this...

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    you are stupied

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    How can i calculate magnitude of the force and also the force of friction on w

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    A donkey 1 pulls a chart to the left. Then donkey 2 is also tied to the chart and pulls to the left with same force. Draw a vector diagrams showing the force the two donkey exert and rusltant force

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    Help am confused

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