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time management

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Especially in the aspects of time management and
effectiveness of getting work done,how much truth is
the saying,”Early to bed and early to rise makes one
healthy,wealthy and wise”?
For the same amount of time spent, is work started
early in the morning,is better generally for everybody
or it depends very much on individual style,character
and the respective environments?

I don't have any education on the subject just life experience. I totally believe it depends on the individual as to what their peak productive hours are. That's all I have to contribute. Hth.

This site has some information that may help you.

I have no training in time management, either, however I too believe that the work performed effectively depends upon the individual. Some people are night ouwls and others are early morning people. I always did my best work from 10 pm to 2 am OR when I had a deadline to meet.

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