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Hi, can you help me figure out what this paragraph says. Se ve en la cara que le duele alguna parte de su cuerpo. Tal vez comio demasiados dules y tiene dolor de estomago o le duele la cabeza. Quizas le duele el codo o la mano porque estaba jugando al tenis. Quien sabe? Le puede doler la rodilla, la pierna, el tobillo o el pie porque corre mucho. Thanks

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. You ask that we HELP but it looks like you are asking us to DO because I don't see that you have attempted anything!

You can see (One can see) in his/her face that some part of his/her body hurts. Perhaps he/she ate too many sweets (misspelled = dulces) and has a stomach ache or a head ache. Perhaps his/her elbow or hand hurts because he/she was playing tennis. Who knows? His/her knee, leg, ankle or foot hurts because he/she ran too much.

NOTE: Because the le is not explained (a él, a ella a Usted) it could be his/her/your.

Thanks SraJMcGin, I knew some of the words, just not all of them, and I have been out sick and needed help. Thanks so much.

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