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Bob Pursley,

With regards to a question posted by john on Tuesday, January 30, 2007 at 6:14am:

How is it that you used 650 degrees C + 273 K when the question asks to presume it stayed gaseous down to 0 degrees C and to use this 0 degrees C for the answer?

Don't mean to question a better judgement than mine but should it not be 0 degrees C + 273 = 273 K?

Thanks in advance

Bob P is on-line right now BUT not at the computer so I will take the liberty of answering for him. I went back and found the original question and answers. He used PV=nRT twice. When he used PV=nRT the FIRST time, that was to find n, the number of moles. He used the conditions at that T and P which is as it should be. The original P and T were given so n could be calculated. In the SECOND calculation, where we are solving for V, he did use 760 mm Hg P and 273 (actually he made a typo and typed 274). I hope this answers your concerns.

Here is a periodic table on the web. Look up element number 116. What chemistry we know about that is there; also, it should have similar chemical properties to S, Se, Te, Po, etc.

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