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You are the network administrator for an outdoor equipment wholesaler in Detroit, MI. You have three locations. One is the head office from which the ordering and distribution is handled. The other two locations are retail outlets—one in a retail park on the edge of the city and another in a downtown location. Each of the retail outlets has its own Windows Server 2003 system in its own domain. The retail park location has a new server with 1 GB of RAM and four processors. The downtown store has an older server with 512 MB of RAM and two processors that has been installed for some time and was originally a Windows 2000 Server system. Staff in the downtown store have been complaining that ever since a new point-of-sale application was installed the server seems very slow. The retail park location is not having any problems.

Using System Monitor, you monitor the server in the retail park location and the downtown location at the same time. You monitor counters related to processor, memory, disk, and network on each of the servers. Of all the counters you monitor, you notice that the Server: Bytes Total/Sec counter for the downtown location is very high, while the other counters are very similar between servers. Which of the following strategies might you use to cure this issue

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    Install a faster network adapter

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