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What volume of hydrogen is necessary to react with five liters of nitrogen to produce ammonia? (assume constant temprature and pressure)
Balanced equation- N2 + 3H2= 2NH3

After finding this answer, what volum of ammonia is produced in this reaction?

1. Write the equation. You have that.

2. When working with all gas systems, we can dispense with converting to mols and back again and simply use volumes. Therefore, 1 L N2 will react with 3 L H2 to produce 2 L NH3.
SO, ?L H2 = 5L N2 x (3 mol H2/1 mol N2) = ??

and ?L NH3 = 5L N2 x (2 mol H2/1 mol N2)
= ??

Thank you very much

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