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math word problem gr 6

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Two mothers and two daughters divided $21 in dollar bills evenly among themselves. Each received an equal number of dollar bills. How could this be?

One momma is a grandmother. That makes three folks. Grandmother, daughter, and granddaughter.

each one will receive $5.25

This is a homework question, not a trick question - - any other answers?

Tyler: No trick. One momma is a granmother. Each gets seven dollars.

Thank you very much!

How do yyou multiply fractions...especially when theres only one whole number?? i really need help i have a test tommorow please send me the answer as soon as you receive my message

Dono don't care y'all r weird

  • math word problem gr 6 -

    you make the whole number into a if the whole number is 5 it becomes 5
    and then you multiply

    hope this is helpful:)

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