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Which one of the following statements
about poetry for children is True?

1. Literary standards for poetry are
traditionally not as stringent as
those for prose.
2. In good poetry,rhyme takes
precedence over meaning.
3. Mother Goose rhymes are considered
outdated by today's standards.
4. Strong natural rhythm, vivid imagery,
and fresh figurative language are
crucial to good poetry.

Wouldn't number 4 be True?

Number 4 is certainly better than the other three possibilities, IMHO!!


# 2 is a possible answer as well as #4. Think about it. Mother goose is still popular with little children today and some of those poems have no meaning just great rhyming words.

combine this sentence:John stepped out of the car.He glanced up and down the road.He banged on the door of the first house .

John stepped out of the car, glanced up and down the road and then banged on the door of the first house.

This way you these into a simple sentence with compound verbs.

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