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History again

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Based on the below from the Wikipedia, I would agree with you.

As Solberg reports, "It immediately became the recognized revolutionary government, with its main task to conduct the war and lead the colonies ultimately to independence." [2] The Second Congress acted as the governing authority of a new nation by raising armies, directing strategy, coordinating the 13 states, appointing diplomats (it sent Benjamin Franklin to France), and making formal treaties (especially the alliance France in 1778).

Sorry to keep asking questions, but I am having my mid-term, and I have spent 2 days reviewing my packet. I just want to make sure my answers jive. Thanks so much

Which was an achievement of the Second Continental Congress?

a. Preparing a Declaration of Independence
b. Raising an American army
c. establishing a strong central government
d. passing the Intolerable Acts.

I believe it is b. raising an army becasue they did establish a government, but it was not strong.


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