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When 23.18 g of element A react completely with 48.08 g of E, compound A2E is formed. When 11.70 g of A react with 22.57 g of G, compound AG is formed. If elements E and G react to form EG3, what mass in grams of G is required to react with 12.97 g of E?

The molar mass of E is 115.988 g mol-1.

From The problem we know
2A + E ==> A2E
We have mols E = g/molar mass = 48.08/115.988 = 0.4145 mols.
mols A must be twice that
0.4145 x 2 = ??
molar mass A = g/mol = 23.18/.82905 = ??

Similarly, the reaction A + G is done to determine the molar mass of G.

Similarly, the reaction of E and G is done to determine the grams G that reacts.
Post your work if you get stuck.

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