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Are the Carbon atoms full though. I don't know. My teacher was saying something about putting the atoms with dots on a diagonal and she said something about using arrows to indicate the "CC" bonds.

I don't understand what you mean by th .. are next to the two C atoms.

Sorry. You are right. I got so carried away trying to space everything properly I didn't count the H atoms. Just remove the two H atoms and the 4 dots on the bottom. I'll redraw it it necessary.

my teacher said the same

There should only be 4 hydrogens in C2H4

Usually a BAR (as in -) is used to show a bond and a bar can be replaced with two .. for two electrons for the electron dot structure.
   H    H
   |    |

This is the "stick" model in which the - or | represents the bond between C and C and C and H. To make the electron dot structure, simply replace the | or - with .. or :
In C2H4 there is a double bond between C and C so I drew it as C=C. It can be represented as C::C also.
Are the carbon atoms full, though? yes. We should have a total of how many electrons?
For C2H4 we have
2C = 2 x 4 e each = 8 electrons.
4H = 4 x 1 e each = 4 electrons.
A total of 12 electrons.
Count each - or | as two electrons. You will count 12.

Obviously C2H4 should have been C2H4

Almost. On the bottom, interchange the .. and the H so the H atoms are on the bottom and the .. are next to the two C atoms.

   H    H
   ..    ..
   H    H
   ..    ..

See how this looks.

Draw the electron-dot structure and stuctural formulas for:

C2H4 (Dicarbon Tetrahydride)

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    soo silly

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