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Okay, so a mockingbird is used to symbolize someone innocent as in Lee's theme, don't kill mockingbirds aka don't kill the innocent. This is what it says on Sparknotes. It also says that Boo Radley is considered a mockingbird. I'm a little confused as to why.

I kind of thought he was a mockingbird because all he ever does is stay at home all day and yet people make up stories about him and are afraid of him, etc. This, I think, would qualify him innocent like a mockingbird. However, in the beginning it says he was in a gang and did bad stuff then, so I'm not sure, not to mention he drove scissors up his father's leg.

What do you guys think?


For some additional ideas, go to this webpage and use the Find feature (press Ctrl and F) to find instances of the word mockingbird -- keep pressing Next in the little window that shows up until you come across an interesting idea. There are more than one character in this book who could be considered 'mockingbirds.'


when i read the book i thought that was a rumor. He is kinda like a mockingbird cuz he was nice to scout and jem, and stayed inside pretty much all the time, so then he cant get in trouble in the real world

ok im really good at english and understood this book really well. Boo Radley is innocent. HIm being in a gang was a rumor, and i don't reslly remeber why he stabbed his dad in the leg, but i remember it was a good reason...yes he is innocent..
FYI: sparknotes sometimes has wrong information. THey're not very accurate. Trust me.

Thank you everyone! :)

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