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Chemistry (Check)

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is these correct. I can't figure out 5,7,8,9..
3)un equally
4)polar bond
6)clipore interactions

When atoms are joined by a covalent bond, the bonding electrons are shared ___1____, and the bond is ___2___. When the atoms in a bond are not the same, the bonding electrons are shared ___3__, and the bond is ___4____. The degree of polarity of a bond between any two atoms is determined by consulting a table of ____5___. the attractions between opposite poles of polar molcules are called ___6____. Another strong intermolecular attractive force is the ___7___, in which a hydrogen covalently bonded to a very __8___ atom, such as ____9____, is also weakly bonded to an unshared electron pair of another electronegative atom.

electronegativity, hydrogen bond, electronegative, oxygen. Answers on 9 can vary.

5. look up electronegativity.
6. What is clipore? That's a new one on me.
7. look up hydrogen bonding.
8. electronegative?
9, oxygen, nitrogen, fluorine?

6) i ment dipole interactions my bad..

  • Chemistry (Check) -

    calcualte the molarity of 2.30 moles of sodium chlorid in 4.50 mL of water.

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