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solve by graphing

You need to graph the 2 equations, and find where they intersect. That is your solution.

Somebody is pulling your leg: These are the same lines, there is no solution.

I UNDERSTAND i NEED TO FIND WHERE THEY INTERSECT. THE QUESTION IS do how do I set these in slope ,y-intersect form I am having dificulity with graphying linear system.

look Danielle:
Equation 1
2y=-3x+ 8
y=-3/2 x + 4

Equation 2:
4y=-6x +16
y=-6/4 x + 16/4
y=-3/2 x + 4

Equation 1 and 2 are the same line. There is no single unique intersection. THere can be no unique solution.

You can if you want, but Bobpursley is correct. The two lines are the same! (you can see this by dividing second equation by 2, it's the same as the first). If you still need to graph it, you need to get it in the form of y = mx + b.

BObpursley I did figureed it out. If I were to graph it I would therefore have one line representing both equations. Im I correct 4 BEING THE Y-INTERSECT MOVE 3 UNITS OVER AND T WO UNITS UP?

No. Slope is negative: Move two over and three down.

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