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mathematics (percentages)

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math problem:
pedro wants to calculate his gpa.
he has the lab grades:90/100,98/100,90/100,94/100,90/100,90/100,95/100,98/100. Labs are worth 20%.

He has the test grades: 9/10,6/10,10/10,10/10,5/10,7/10,7/10,7/10,10/10,10/10,8/10,10/10. Homework is worth 20%

test grades are: 35/100, 20/100, 26/100, 34/100. Exams are worth 40%.

What is his grades so far? What would his grade be is he had a 90 on the final which is worth 20%?

I got 62 for his current grade but I am not sure

The way I calculate it Pedro is in trouble. He hasn't made over 34% on any test he has taken and he thinks he can make 90 on the final. Probably not. However, if he did, I calculate the final average as 64.6%. As for the current average, I don't know how to calculate that because he hasn't taken the final. As an estimate, we can add the averagae of his lab scores (93.125%) + average of homework (82.5%) + (2 x avg test scores since they count twice as much at 40% (2 x 28.75) and divide by 4 to obtain 58.3%.

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