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My assignment is to find fallacies in a newspaper editorial and a opinion magazine. I am having trouble understanding what a fallacy is. I know that it is a false or misleading argument. I am not understanding how to detect fallacy. Everything I read doesn't have any misleading information.

You must read or listen VERY closely. Almost all newspapers, magazines, and TV anchor people become VERY agitated if they are accused of biased reporting. Many will devote editorials as responses to such accusations and almost all go to great lengths to convince the public that they are not biased. I have read many stories, however, in which the bias shows through. Personally, I think some of it is intentional.

Wikkipedia is on the top of the list when I google Fallacy, they are all listed there.

Here's what Ken is referring to.

Do you go to Axia I have the same assignment and I am completely lost as well I can memorize the material but I cannot understand it enough to point it out!!!

What a coincidence I go to Axia and yep u guessed it I have the same assignment

OMG.....I got to Axia too and have the same assignment. made a 100 on the review quizzes and still do not know what this instructor wants on this assignment!

I thought I was the only one!!! I still don't get it either!! This assignment is mind boggling!!! Ahhhhh

Here we go.. I too go to Axia and also made a 100 on my quizzes. But it seems that the more work I do on the subject the harder it is getting.

I too am an "Axian"...haha... That's how I feel with this homework assignment anyway. I will look further for more help since we all seem to be stuck!

How funny I am there to Axia and Im doing the same assignment. Did anyone have any luck?

AHAHAH, I am in the same classes too, I have this assignment this week. hopefully I won't get stuck on it.

Lol...Wow that is really funny how all the Axia's have the same idea to come here for this certin assignment :) I also go there, and I am doing the same assignment. I guess no body has an answer...hmmm I will continue my search!

I have been trying to do this assignment all week, I do not understand exactly what it is that we are supposed to find. How does one know if something is a fallacicy?

Damn! I been pulling my hair out all week on this assignment and I go to Axia also...I still don't get this...

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