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Chemistry (Check)

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i have to fill in the blanks

In an ionic compound the charges of the Blank and Blank must balance to produce an electrically Blank Substance.

Is it Cation, Anion, then Netural for the last blank

And what about this one i don't know.

Metallic atoms tend to lose valebce electrons to produce a(n)Blank or a postive charged ion. Most nonmetallic atoms to achieve a complete octect by gaining or Blank electrons.

cation and anion and neutral will do, as you have suggested. Metal and non-metal might take the place of cation and anion in some circumstances.

Metallic atoms tend to lose valence electrons to produce a cation (or a positivaely charged ion). Most non-metallic atoms [words missing] to achieve a complete octet by gaining or SHARING electrons.

yes on 1st blanks

2nd question is cation but your spelling is so bad I can't understand the last blank.

Thanks but can you check another one for me

The Valence electrons largely determine the blank of an element and are usually the only electrons used in blank.

T have the first one as chemical properties, whats the second blank

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