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How should I study? I do study with notcards, but I want to learn some more study habits. And what should I do to become more organized in my life??? I want to do this to try and do better in school! Thanks!

Here is the best study program I know of. It is not overnight, and you will need help from parents to accomplish it all (They will have to check notebook, etc)

Have your parents go through this site with you. Changing study habits, or any other habits, is work, and takes time, and determination. Figure out a way you can reward yourself for doing each lesson, and implementing it.

Thank you so much! This will really help me! :)

Some of the following may duplicate what others have said but these observations are from experience.

1. Don't procrastinate. Do the work NOW rather than later. Putting off today's work means twice as much work tomorrow. Get behind and you never catch up.

2. Be comfortable when you study, especially with regard to temperature, sound (some like music; others don't), clothing, etc.

3. Make sure you know the assignment. Write the assignment down when given by the teacher.

4. Studying with others is a two edged sword. It helps some to study with others. I found that studying with a group was not very beneficial. Often there was too much horseplay and the conversation drifted away from the task at hand. Studying with ONE other person often helped me but, again, that is a matter of preference and it worked only with those whose goals, attributes, and study habits were the same as mine.

5. Take a break periodically. I found that taking a break every couple of hours was beneficial. A break means stop what you are doing, for example at the end of a chapter or the end of a section, and walk around, stretch the arm and leg muscles, eat a snack, make a quick phone call--anything to relax from the grind of the books. You must have disipline not to overdo this but a periodic break pays dividends.

5. Don't study all night. That rarely pays and the brain can't function the next day during test time if it is sleepy. I have found that, if extra study time is needed, to go through my notes two or three times until I have them down and I feel good about them--then go to bed but set the alarm for a time in the morning that will give me time for one quick go over of the notes JUST BEFORE I GO TO SCHOOL. That way anything I had forgotten during the evening was picked up just before class and the most recent information in my mind was the test material.

7. I also found that writing my notes down aided in memory work. Another thing I tried to do was to UNDERSTAND as opposed to straight memory. The more I could understand the less I had to memorize.

Good luck! As Bob P pointed out, changing study habits takes work. You have some good study habits now, else you would not be concerned about obtaining more.

To support and add to the suggestions you have already received, these sites might be handy.

Although all of these suggestions may not apply to you, most of them should be helpful. I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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