7th Grade Math 123

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Write one or two equations to represent the situation below. Solve the equation(s). Show all your work.

A collection of dimes and quarters totals 72 coins. Together the dimes and quarters are equal to $11.70. How many of each coin are in the collection?

2 and 6 tenths?

Can you show me the equations and how you got that plz

I can't help with the other problem, Danny. I'm clueless at how to solve it without looking at my old textbooks.

This one, however, is relatively simple.

If d is dimes and q is quarters, write what you know:

d + q = 72
The dimes and quarters have to equal 72 coins)

0.10(d) + 0.25(q) = $11.70
(You need to factor in the value of each coin when figuring out how to get to the total.)

I hope that helps you! My class is over and I won't be at the computer anymore tonight.

Good Luck!
Amy :)

Thank you!PLease come on tommorrow!Also can anybody else help me with this??

I need to know what inequalities mens

i just failed a fraction test and i have no clue on anything on fractions helP!


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