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how can knowing the information processing model increase your learning potential?

many decisions in our lives are based on intuition. Where does this intuition comes from? generally we see that older people have a better intuition on general day-to-day life. Likewise in share market, the share broker has a better intuition. So intuition actually come from past experiences. Basically we have a information database of what happened in the past. We know what we did and what came out. That is we knoe the input and output and somehow we correlate these to get the output in current situation by drawing similarities. This is what is called information processing. Information processing enables one to learn from past experience and thereby increases your learning potential.

The model depends on a type and kind of data. Knowing this can maximize the process as the right data can be found and needed when ready. Often we are deluged with data, much of it superfluous to the decision. We are surrounded with data, much of it we need not know. However, knowing the IP model, or the decision model, allows us to focus on the right data, and ignore the rest.

Knowing more about information theory would help you to answer your question. I searched Google under the key words "information processing model" to get these possible sources:
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I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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