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I have a fraction problem that involves borrowing and I do not know how to do this. My problem is 11 2/3 - 3 5/6. I know that I need to make the denominator the same so that makes it 11 4/6 - 3 5/6. My 11 needs to go to 10 but I do not know what changes from there. Thank you for your help!

the 5/6 changes to 11/6 because you borrowed 1 or 6/6
Then you subtract (10 4/6 - 3 11/6) to get:
7 7/6

the 1st answer isnt right trust me

10 10/6
11 2/3 = 11 4/6 = 10 10/6
- 3 5/6 = 3 5/6 = 3 5/6
7 5/6

the reason the answer lance gave you is wrong is because when you borrow you have to add the 4/6 and 6/6 because 6/6 is a whole that's borrowing

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