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Can anyone help with combining like terms? The question - 11 + 5t^2 + t + 6t.

I don't have a clue were to begin.

Wouldn't it be toget all the T's together?

Would 5t^ go with it also since it is an exponent?

I think so I am not sure but I think it would be that.Let me check with the teachers hang on!

Yes it would be like that LILY!Margie is correct!

would the answer be 12t+11?

thanks for the help!!!

Yes Lily!Good Job!If you need help with anymore just tell me I am the Dr.Phil.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Problem!Also,if you need anything just ask me!

Can anyone help with combining like terms? The question - 11 + 5t^2 + t + 6t.
I don't know who is kidding whom; however, 12t + 11 is not correct. In the first place, one can not combine a t^2 and a t. The only like terms are the t and the 6t which is the same as 1t + 6t and that = 7t. So the correct answer is -11 + 5t2 + 7t. It can be rearranged to make the terms in decending order of t as
5t2 + 7t -11. Check my thinking. Check my work. I hope this helps.

knock off giving assistance with wrong answers....or, you will be banned. We take learning very seriously here.

your right bobpursley....dr.phil is wrong

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