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How do you say "to" in Spanish, as in; Would you like to....

You have to give the rest of the sentence in order to answer that question. You have to give me the word that follows "to" because that's how it works in spanish. the spanish word for that kind of "to" incorporates "to" and the verb that follows.
to reed= leer
to see= ver
to eat= comer
to drink= beber

" to" can also be 'a' as in "Vamos a la casa". It totally depends whether you need a preposition or a verb.

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Since I am ALWAYS looking for French, Spanish, Japanese, I have no idea how I missted this one! You already have excellent answers, but here is mine!

to = it is either the preposition/adverb (at, to) which may or may NOT be stated or the identifier of any infinitive. Examples of the preposition = He's going to the concert = Va al concierto. (The preposition "a" in Spanish combines with the definite article "el" into "al." "to run, to see = correr, ver. Here with the infinitives you never SEE the "to" in Spanish.

Please remember when you ask about a word (or words) be sure to give the CONTEXT or exactly how it is used, in order to get the correct answer!

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