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Why did the makers of the Constitution provide "Filters" between the voters and the U.S. Senate and the presidency?

The French revolution convinced many that the masses sometimes got out of hand, so in the Constitution, the States Legislatures chose the senators, and the electorial college elected the president. To answer your question, I think many of the framers distrusted voters directly making all the choices directly.

Great answer. It makes sense.

Except for the fact that the Constitution was written in 1787 and the French Revolution commenced in 1789. The reason they didn't want the masses voting is that the framers felt the masses couldn't be trusted due to a lack of education, and that they could run amock. Shay's Rebellion was the reason that many framers of the Constiution didn't feel the masses could be trusted, not the French Revolution.


    Obviously the government feels that a mere citizen do have the ability to vote for a president.

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