i need help completing this MATH question!

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step 1. first do operations that accur within_____________.

step 2. then evaluate_________.

step 3. then do_________and_______from left to right.

step 4. finally, do______and_______from left to right.

here are your choices in alphabetical order:


ask someone or just try to figure it out. post another message with this equation and i will figure it out

For 1. we do operations within () first.
Your step 2. might be exponents, but I'm not sure, there should be something in your text telling you what needs to be done there.
You should know that multiplication, division...addition,subtraction come last.
These are important rules you must know to do algebra well.

i always remember order of operations with the phrase PEMDAS: parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.

during a science experance mary measures the temp. every 10 min.at 9:00 she recordes 80 degrees. and at 9:10 she recordes 96 degrees what % does the temp. increase during the 10 min. interval from 9:00 to 9:10?

  • i need help completing this MATH question! -

    Multiplication and division in the order that they appear
    Addition and subtraction in the order that they appear
    My teachers have a sentence to help me remember this Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

  • i need help completing this MATH question! -


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