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what is the answer to 5x-16=14-5x

Just giving you the answer is not what this forum is about. We'd be defeating the purpose of you assignment by doing that.
Try to work the variables to one side, say the lefthand side, and the numbers to the other side.
Add 5x to both sides, then add 16 to both sides...try that for now.

1) add 5x to both sides to get rid of the 5x on the side 14-5x

2) add 16 to both sides so your equation would look like 10x=30

3) divide each side by 10

4) your answer is x=3


  • algerbra 1 -

    how do you work 5x-14=21, and I need the answer

  • algerbra 1 -


  • algerbra 1 -


  • algerbra 1 -

    i need help with 5x-14=21

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