posted by APA - In text referencing.

I get pulled down an entire grade because of my inability to reference in the body of the text. I understand how to complete a reference list entirely correctly, and I understand APA referencing.

I just have no idea how to reference in the body of the text - though I've tried to understand it.

Do I just quote the referenced part? Do I leave some sort of number after what is quoted? Or something? Do I use that number later in the reference list?

I've tried to read up on this but different places tell me different things. Any help?

This is the APA section from Purdue University's website. I trust them much more than lots of other places!! Be sure you add this webpage to your Favorites before doing anything else.

Scroll down until you reach a series of links, two of which refer to in-text citations. In the first one (The Basics), there are very clear explanations and examples for short quotations, long quotations, and paraphrases. In the second one (Author/Authors), you are given explanations and examples for different cases: single author, two authors, three or more authors, etc.

If you want to put up an example from your paper, I'll critique it for you.


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