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Water and gasoline are both clear liquids at room temperature. Describe one physical property and one chemical property that might be used to distinguish between them.

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chemical: pH value

What about density? The density of water is 1.00 g/cc and the density of gasoline (you can look it up) is less than that. That is a physical property. Boiling point and freezing points are different and those are physical properties, also. What about flammability? Will water burn? Will gasoline burn? Wouldn't that be a chemical property. One picky point here (and you may have copied the problem EXACTLY as it appears in your work but CLEAR means the materials are not turbid while COLORLESS means the liquids have no color. I THINK you intended clear to denote colorless. But that is a favorite soap box type point for me and I can't resist responding when I see it.

physical property that might be used to distinguish water and gasoline are?

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