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what is the umemployment rate among psychiatrists?

I searched on this, and found nothing. I suspect there are no statistics being kept. If you find the answer, please post it and the source, I find this question intriguing. Thanks.

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    As a consumer of psychiatric services, I have never heard of an unemployed psychiatrist. It is very difficult to get an appointment with a psychiatrist because there is such high demand for their services relative to the number who are trained and enter the practice.

    Meanwhile, a psychiatrist has to train to be a medical doctor before he can train to be a psychiatrist. Therefore, if he were not employed as a psychiatrist per se, he could work in many jobs that a medical doctor could fill.

    Meanwhile, a psychiatrist can always hang out a shingle and run his own business providing psychotherapy and psychopharmacology (prescribing medicines and controlled drugs for the mind).

    Psychiatrist can also engage in research and administer many different kinds of treatment and social programs or work in public policy.

    So, with so many ways that a psychiatrist can be employed and so much demand for their services, you're unlikely to find a psychiatrist who simply cannot find a job. You're most likely to find one who is unsatisfied with the job she's doing.

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