orientalism of muslim and arab american

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If i am reading and understanding this the characteristic of the orientalism is the behavior, habit,
tradition of the people in the east. but the way the scholar took it and wrote about the people was not more if there own imagination of how they conceived the information which showed a different side of orient. that how people have become prejudice and discriminate aginst these people am I correct so far. if not please explain it to because some things i still do not understanad like when the scholar went to observe the orient what was they looking for was it gain power. or was it to learn there culture , history and language.

Are you referring to this article, posted by BobPursley?


That article quotes Said, a Palestinian-American scholar. Orientalism is the study of the East, i.e. Asia. That includes culture, history, and language.

Thank you can you explain to me how it turned into prejudice toward people like muslim and american arab and even south asian people, i am assuming that the illusion they brought back about the people is why people see them as terrorist but i have not seen exactily any evidence of why they got that conclussion.

I don't think orientalism has anything to do with the prejudices of today.

First, people tend to be suspicious of "others," people who have different customs. There's been a largely universal exclusion of others -- resulting in friendships and marriages primarily within the same cultural group. People of German descent tended to only marry other Germans-Americans, etc. After several generations in this country, these barriers usually break down as we adopt the same customs and values.

Second, we tend to judge a group of people by the visible acts of a few. If more people of one group are convicted of theft than are those of other groups, it's natural to be suspicious of all members of that group.

Muslims and Arabs are seen as terrorists because of the terrible destruction that several Arabic men wrought on the U.S. on September 11, 2001. That coupled with suicide bombings in Israel, Iraq, and other places has led to the perception that Muslims and Arabs are terrorists. Logically we know that only a very few Muslims support terrorism. But the documented actions of a small percentage of Muslim terrorists have invoked Western prejudices.

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