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Inclusive Language—Nonracist and Nonagist Language

The woman who earned the award was a Negro from Louisiana.

Inclusive Language—Nonracist and Nonagist Language

It seems that every Golden Ager is on the bus trip to Laughlin, Nevada

Please explain what you are supposed to do with these sentences.

The obvious racist and agist (sp?) terms are Negro and Golden Ager.

make the sentences non racial and agist.

Please explain what your instructor has recommended for changing sentences to nonracial and nonageist.

If we get rid of all racial and ageist language, then you'll omit Negro and Golden Ager from the sentences. However, in my opinion, these words may connote some important information in a historical or sociological context.

Here is the instruction: Rewrite the following sentences, focusing on the grammar area specified :Inclusive Language—Nonracist and Nonagist Language

Omit negro and either add African American, or omit it.

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