Operating Systems

  1. Chemistry
    Hydrogen iodide decomposes according to the following equation: H2(g) + I2(g) ⇌ 2HI(g) A 2.50 L equilibrium mixture contains 0.0875 mol H2, 0.020 mol I2, and 3.72 mol HI. Determine the new equilibrium concentrations after 1.25 mol HI are added to the system. This is what I'...
  2. physics
    a toaster with 4m length of nichrome(resistivity is 150×10^-8 and temperature coefficient of resistivity is 0.4×10^-3/¤c) wire as its heating element is rated at 1050w and operates on 220v.the operating temperature of this is 320deg celcius. what is the radius of ...
  3. System of Equations
    After a football is kicked, it reaches a maximum height of 14 m and it hits the ground 32m from where it was kicked. After a soccer ball is kicked, it reaches a maximum height of 8m and it hits the ground 38m from where it was kicked. The paths of both balls are parabolas. a) ...
  4. Substitution
    Solve each system of equations by substitution: x^2 - y +2 = 0 4x = 14 -y y + 2x = x^2 - 6 x + y - 3 = 2x^2
  5. Chemistry
    Consider the hypothetical reaction: A + B + heat ⇌ C + D (All species are in the gaseous phase) What will happen to the concentration of A, B, C, and D under each of the following conditions? a) A catalyst is added to the system, which is at equilibrium b) Either C or D is ...
  6. US History
    I am having a really hard time with this assignment. Can anyone cross check my answers? Thank you 1.The term participatory democracy applies most accurately to which of the following societies? A. Greece in the fourth century B.C. B. Modern China C. The United States since ...
  7. Physics
    Four masses m1 = 1kg, m2 = 2kg, m3 = 3kg and m4 = 4kg are at the corners of a square of sides 4cm. What is the gravitational potential energy of the system?
  8. Science
    A pulley system shows is use to raise a load of 600N through 8m. If the effiency I 90%. Calculate a, machincal advantage b. Workdone by the effort c. Effort applied
  9. HR
    Imagine that you manage a car dealership affiliated with one of the big three U.S. automakers. Given the increasing complexity and variety of today's automobiles, it's impossible to train your mechanics on the details of every potential repair problem. Thus, in cooperation ...
  10. Physics
    A pulley system shows is use to raise a load of 600N through 8m. If they efficency is 90%.calculate a. Mechnical advantage b. Workdone by the effort c. Effort applied
  11. Physics
    During Service, a tennis ball is struck at height, h = 1.95 m, above a tennis court and moves with velocity Vo= Voxi. Assume the ball encounters no air resistance, and use a Cartesian coordinate system with the origin located at the balls initial position. Vox = 24.5 m/s a) ...
  12. Maths (money and finance)
    The cash price for the Teledex Component System with a dvd is 1999.95 .If you buy the system on hire purchase you must pay a deposit of 200.00 and an instalment of 91.00 per month for 24 months Calculate: (a)The total amount you would pay for the system on hire purchase? (b)...
  13. Maths
    The cash price for a Tedelex Component system with a DVD is 1999.95.If you buy the system on hire purchase you must pay a deposit of 200.00 and an instalment of 91.00 per month for 24 months. (A)The total amount you would pay for the system on hire purchase?? (b)the difference...
  14. Social Studies
    Why did the inability of the Soviet economy to provide for the needs of its citizens lead to the collapse of the system during the Reagan administration? Manufacturing centers were often stifled by the lack of resources and the shortage of labor in the Communist system. ...
  15. stress managment
    1. How does chronic stress affect the reproductive system women? 2.      How might chronic stress affect the healing of a broken bone? 3.      In your own words, how might you describe chronic stress? 4.      Describe a chronic stressor in your life (past or ...
  16. world history
    During the Renaissance, humanist ideas swept through Europe (1). Humanism launched the Scientific Revolution, resulting in advancements in metallurgy, anatomy, and astronomy (2). Humanist ideals mimicked the feudal system to identify classes of people (3). The feudal system ...
  17. HR
    Managers and economists traditionally have seen HRM as a(n) A. source of value to their organization. B. necessary expense. C. asset. D. essential component of a high-performance work system. D
  18. Science
    In a new system of unit called star unit 1*kg=10kg,1m*=1km,1s*=1min. Convert 1J of energy in new system of unit.
  19. Programming
    Must be in C#: I will not be submitting this work as my own work. I just want help with the problem. For today's lab you will be creating a basic inventory system. The inventory system will be for a DVD store. You will have to make a DVD class that has fields to hold a title (...
  20. Sociology
    How does the two-party system in the United States affect political involvement?
  21. History
    Which analyzes why some historians believe that the federal civil defense administration used propaganda to reduce the general public concerned about nuclear warfare? 1. Historians believe that the FCDA generated reports that underestimated the missile gap to put Americans ...
  22. Science
    What is the endocrine system for.
  23. US Government
    Can someone please help confirm my answers? 1. Which of the following is TRUE regarding the Supreme Court’s modern rulings on regulation of interstate commerce? a. The Court allows federal regulation of almost anything related to interstate commerce. b. The Court permits ...
  24. social studies
    how did monopolies hinder the free enterprise system.
  25. math
    Solve the system. {x^2 + y^2 = 85 {3x + y = 15
  26. algebra
    Task 2: Non-Linear System of Equations Create a system of equations that includes one linear equation and one quadratic equation. Part 1: Show all work to solving your system of equations algebraically. Part 2: Graph your system of equations, and show the solution graphically ...
  27. Math
    Create a word problem system of equation that has an answer x=1.25 and y= 2.75.
  28. Pre-Algrebra
    Two cell phone companies have different rate plans. Runfast has monthly charges $10 plus $4 per gig of data. B A &D’s monthly charge is $6 plus $6 per gig of data. Your task, is to determine under what circumstances each company has the better pricing. You will derive and ...
  29. American Government Please Check
    1. Which of the following describes a major difference in the powers of the government at the local and state levels? A. State government has no police presence; local government does. B. State government gives the power to local governments to carry out laws; local ...
  30. Physics
    "Provide calculations to show the force and pressure required to lift the weight of each draw bridge (or the load that is on the bridge)" A syringe is used as the hydraulic system which is pushed (via the plunger) to draw up the bascule and pulled back to draw the bascule back...
  31. Math
    Help! I need to get these questions done before 8:30. Write a system of equations to model each situation. Solve my any method. 4.You and some friends buy hamburgers and milkshakes for lunch. A hamburger costs $1.50 and a milkshake costs $2.00. The total bill for 12 items is $...
  32. US History
    I need someone to check my answers for my homework.. 2.) During the first half of the 1800s, on which of the following did the Southern economy rely? A factory system B new immigrants !!!!!C plantation system D extensive barter 3.)What did the temperance movement rally against...
  33. chemistry
    what type of substance would be best for use in a heating system? a. a solid with a high specific heat b. a liquid with a high specific heat c. a liquid with low specific heat d. a gas with a low specific heat
  34. physics
    a charge of 4.0nc is at (0,0) and a second charge of -2.0nc is at (3.0,0.0m). If the potential is taken to be 0 at infinity, What is the a.electrical potential at (0.0,4.0m) b.pe of a 1.0nc charge at (0.0,4.0m). c.work required to bring a charge 1.0nc from infinity to (0.0,4....
  35. biology
    The Excretory System removes excess… W _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ A _ _ _ _ - _ I _ _ _ _ _ I have water salts but I'm not sure for the last two I believe its waste for one but the other I don't know
  36. Science
    Which system contains divisions such as peripheral, central and autonomic? digestive nervous endocrine reproductive Other:
  37. Science
    After an accident, a 60.0 kg Inuit girl finds herself at rest on the frictionless ice of a frozen lake, 15.0 m north of her stationary 150 kg sled. Fortunately she is connected to the sled by a rope of negligible mass, so she begins hauling the rope in, maintaining a constant ...
  38. Algebra
    Find the solutions to the system. y=x^2+5x+6 y=4x+12 A. (2,20) and (-3,0) B. (2,20) and (-3,-18) C. (-2,-20) and (-3,-18) D. no solutions Find the solutions to the system. y=x^2-3x-1 y=8x-1 A. (0,-1) and (11,388) B. (0,-1) and (11,87) C. (-1,0) and (87,11) D. no solutions Hi ...
  39. Social Studies
    Discuss the relationship between institutions (banks, business firms, government agencies, and unions) when it comes to making up an economic system. I couldn't find anything in google or my textbook, and if a full answer is cheating maybe just a little help? Thanks in advance!
  40. Chemistry
    24. Identify a source of error for the experimental design of the cobalt(II)chloride system In the experiment, there were three test tubes. All of them contained cobalt(II)chloride. Test tube 1 was the constant, therefore, did not change throughout the experiment. Test tube 2...
  41. Chemistry
    24. Identify a source of error for the experimental design of the cobalt(II)chloride system
  42. Educational technology
    1. Which of the following is an example of tangible property? A a method for creating ice cream that your friend. B*** an idea for an invention that your dad mentioned briefly but did not write down C song lyrics printed into a song book D a quicker system of washing a car ...
  43. Physics
    A sample of 60 grams of water at 56°C is mixed in a styrofoam container with 89 grams of water at 30°C. What is the final temperature of the water? Assume the styrofoam container is a closed system. 48°C 40°C 38°C 51°C
  44. Finance
    Tater and Pepper Corp. reported free cash flows for 2015 of $54.1 million and investment in operating capital of $37.1 million. Tater and Pepper incurred $15.1 million in depreciation expense and paid $20.1 million in taxes on EBIT in 2015. Calculate Tater and Pepper’s ...
  45. Math
    What are the solution of the system? y=x^2+3x-4 y=3x+2 A (-3,6) and (2,-4) B(-3,-4) and (2,6) C (-3,-4) and (-2,-2) D no solution I think it is D
  46. Math
    A city planning engineer in Cleveland must check the 10 angles that make up the three intersections on the map of downtown. If any of the angles formed by the intersections of the streets is greater than 135°, different road signs have to be used due to a new rule created by...
  47. american government
    I'm writing a research paper and I'm almost done with it, but I was having trouble writing my thesis statement. Right now I have this: The first political parties of the United States were the Federalist Party and the Democratic-Republican Party, but they have now evolved into...
  48. science
    what materials could have been found in the giant gas cloud that formed the solar system A hydrogen and helium B hydrogen and oxygen C carbon dioxide and oxygen D liquid and solid water
  49. American history
    How did Andrew Jacksons supporters work to make the political system more democratic ?
  50. Math
    Create a word problem system of equation that has an answer x=1.25 and y= 2.75.
  51. Bio
    I need a conclusion of quail reproductive system. I have got everything else done in my essay. PLease help!!
  52. English
    Monica is writing a paper on how the criminal justice system should be changed. She feels that prisoners should have treatment and counseling while they are in prison. She found this article below. If Monica used this article as a source, which of the following quotes would ...
  53. calclus
    In Madden 14 (football video game) when punting you sometimes face adverse weather conditions. Does the angle in which you choose to make your punt matter? Assume the following conditions: The average Madden punter can kick a ball at 40 km/h and there is on average a head wind...
  54. accounting
    Shower Sales Ltd sells plumbing fittings in a rapidly developing area. Its sales in June are $500 000. From recent experience, the manager can confidently predict that sales will increase 10% each month cumulatively. 10% of sales are for cash, 80% are paid for in the next ...
  55. ELA
    Hello! I just wanted to double check my answer to see if I am thinking correctly. Read this passage: The principle of the mercury boiler is the utilization of mercury between the fire and the under-boiler surface exposed to the flame — the mercury, when vaporized, going into...
  56. Math
    For questions 1-2 what is the graph of the system y is less than or equal to x+4 2x+y is less than or equal to -4
  57. ELA
    Monica is writing a paper on how the criminal justice system should be changed. She feels that prisoners should have treatment and counseling while they are in prison. She found this article below. If Monica used this article as a source, which of the following quotes would ...
  58. math
    Solve the following system of equations: 6x – 3y + 10 = 0 2x + y + 9 = 0
  59. Chemistry
    The system absorb 100 J of heat while the system does 100 J of work?
  60. Physics
    In a steady flow system crude oil of density 1200 kgm-3 flows at the rate of 275kg/min through a horizontal pipeline of varying cross-sectionional areas 0.068 and 0.083m2 respectively. Determine the absolute pressure between X and Y.
  61. Physics
    a metal ball of radius R is placed concentrically inside a hollow metal sphere of inner radius 2R & outer radius 3R. The ballis given a charge +2Q and the hollow sphere a total charge -Q. Calculate. electrostatic potential energy of system.???
  62. Science
    Explain the value or importance of using the International System of Units when describing motion. Provide an example that supports your reasoning. PLZ PLZ HELP ME!
  63. Science
    solve the system of equations algebraically. show all your steps. y=x^2+2x y=3x+20 Can someone show me step by step on how to get the answer it's, there are answers like this that is going to be on my math test and I don'tget it.
  64. Math
    1. Choose two animals with different speeds. You can choose from the chart that starts at the bottom of this page or do research to choose your own. 2. Design a fair race in which the two animals have an equal chance of winning if they race at their top speed. Here are a few ...
  65. Government
    Would someone mind checking my answers? Thanks! (Answers at bottom) And if anyone is willing to explain the final two questions to me and maybe help, thatd be much appreciated. 1.) "In the late nineteenth century, political leaders in the United States gradually became ...
  66. science
    Which of the following explains why objects in our solar system are in a spinning motion? A.The gravitational pull of the sun pushed objects into a spinning motion. <----I think it is this one B.The massive size of the sun made all other objects in space spin fast. C....
  67. Science
    Which of the following explains why objects in our solar system are in a spinning motion? A. The gravitational pull of the sun pushed objects into a spinning motion. B. The massive size of the sun made all other objects in space spin fast. C. Gravity pulled in new matter ...
  68. science
    The orbital radii of four planets in our solar system are shown in the following table. Orbital Radii Planet Orbital Radii (AU) W 5.2 X 0.72 Y 1.0 Z 19.1 Which planet is likely to experience the highest temperature? W X Y Z I think it is B.x but I am not for sure
  69. computers
    Which logging category does not appear in Event Viewer by default? System Security Volume Application
  70. Math
    Solve the system of equations using Row Operations x + y - z = 6 3x - 2y + z = -5 x + 3y - 2z = 14
  71. physics
    Two buckets each of mass 5kg are connected one each end of a light inextensible string going over a smooth pulley. A piece of putty of mass 2kg is dropped through a height of 20m into one bucket and become attached. Calculate (i) The initial velocity of the system after impact...
  72. Health
    How can tobacco affect the circulatory system? A. Decreases heart rate B. Raises blood pressure C. Softens the arteries D. Causes ulcers How can tobacco affect the body? A. Increases appetite B. Makes teeth whiter C. Slows heart beat D. Causes nausea How can tobacco affect the...
  73. Physics 2
    in the figure a rario transmitting station operating at a frequency of 100 MHz has two identical coherent antennas. Antenna A is 124 m from point P and anternna B is 421 m from point P. what type of interference, destructive, constructive, or neither occurs in point P. so the ...
  74. Social Studies
    19. Select a new deal program that helped improve the lives of South Carolinians. explain what the program improved and how it helped the people of South Carolina. 20. Explain how rationing affected the people on the home front during World War II. How did this behavior help ...
  75. algebra 2
    1. Find the exact solutions of x^2 - (y-12)^2 = 144 and y = -x^2 Is the answer no solution? 2. Solve the system: y^2 - 4x^2 = 4 and y = 2x Solving this myself I got no solution, but someone who helped me with this question got the answer x= + i sqrt 2, -i sqrt 2
  76. math
    Jamie is 5 years older than Ella. Jamie's age is 11 years less than three times Ella's age. The system below models the relationship between Jamie's age (j) and Ella's age (e): j = e + 5 j = 3e – 11 Which of the following methods is correct to find Jamie's and Ella's age? (4...
  77. math
    Solve the system of equations below by graphing. mc009-1.jpg What are the approximate solutions rounded to the nearest tenth?
  78. Physics
    Which of the following statements is/are true about Gaussian surfaces? i. Gaussian surface is the name for a closed surfaces used when calculating flux in Gauss’ Law ii. A Gaussian surface can have any shape (as long as it is closed) iii. Like defining your system in energy ...
  79. Math
    Solve the system of equations algebraically. Show all of your steps. y=x^2+2x y=3x+20
  80. Algebra
    A system of equations consisting of a liner equation and a quadratic equation (?) has three solutions. always sometimes never*** The solutions given by the quadratic formula are (?) rational always sometimes*** never
  81. Math
    Answer the question by referring to the advertisement: Multi-System CTV was $2198 is $1798 or $55 x 38 no deposit What is the rate of simple interest charged for hire purechase?
  82. Science
    What is the initial angular speed of the system if the moment of inertia is 2.25 kilogram per squared meter and the time is 1.26 seconds after one complete revolution.
  83. Accounts
    Assuming a proprietorship, partnership, and corporation earns equal amount of income and it is distributed evenly among owners, the amount collected by government toward tax will be: Select one: a. highest for proprietorship. b. highest for corporation. c. least for ...
  84. Health
    Describe how intoxication affects the excretory system. A. drinker loses more water from the body then usual B. more blood flows through the skins surface C. sensation and perceptions become less clear D. too much alcohol in the may cause vomiting I think it is A. drinker ...
  85. Science
    Which of the following sets of terms could be used in a description of the peripheral nervous system? A. Motor neurons and sensory neurons B. Brain and spinal cord C. Motor neurons and brain D. Sensory neurons and spinal cord
  86. Algebra 1
    9. Find the solutions to the system. y=x^2+5x+6 y=4x+12 A. (2,20) and (-3,0) B. (2,20) and (-3,-18) C. (-2,-20) and (-3,-18) D. no solutions 10. Find the solutions to the system. y=x^2-3x-1 y=8x-1 A. (0,-1) and (11,388) B. (0,-1) and (11,87) C. (-1,0) and (87,11) D. no ...
  87. Social Studies
    The county unit system was changed because it was a. voted out by Georgia voters b. set to expire in a matter of months c. outlawed by the General Assembly d. ruled unconstitutional by the courts******
  88. Electronic Engineering
    Do you think the operating temperatures of the p-n junction and transistor devices are important in terms of their operability? Explain your opinion clearly for reasons.
  89. physics
    An electric motor exerts a constant torque of 10N⋅m to the shaft of a grindstone with mass 16kg and radius 0.5m. If the system starts from rest, find (a) the rotational kinetic energy of the grindstone after 8s, (b) the work done by the motor during this time, and (c) the ...
  90. intro to paralegal
    i have a discussion post that im not quite sure how to answer, since i am unsure how to interpret it. It reads as follows: The American common law system provides the judicial system with two primary duties 1) interpreting the meaning of statutes and regulations, and 2) ...
  91. Pre-cal
    Define your variables, write a system of equations, use your calculator to solve the system of equations and answer the problem. A grocer sells milk chocolate at $2.90 per pound, dark chocolate at $4.40 per pound, and dark chocolate with almonds at $5.50 per pound. He wants to...
  92. physics
    Two children (m = 34.0 kg each) stand opposite each other on the edge of a merry-go-round. The merry-go-round, which has a mass of 1.60 ✕ 10^2 kg and a radius of 1.6 m, is spinning at a constant rate of 0.34 rev/s. Treat the two children and the merry-go-round as a system. ...
  93. Math plz help
    y=-0.08x^2+8.2x y=2.1x+3.5 Solve the system of equations.
  94. physics
    Three particles, each of mass 1.0 kg, are fastened to each other and to a rotation axis by three massless strings, each 0.120 m long, as shown in the Figure. The combination rotates around the rotation axis with an angular velocity of 25.0 rad/s in such a way that the ...
  95. american government
    Discuss the role of third parties in the political system. I'm having trouble getting started on this. What points should I include? And is there any good website I can look on? I need 1-2 paragraphs on this.
  96. Finance
    1. What is an entrepreneur? (1 point) a sole proprietorship a corporation one who opens a new business a bank that loans money 2. Which of the following is the best definition of probable operating costs? (1 point) Amount of money required to start a business Amount of money ...
  97. Math
    A company makes women's shoes. The price of the duty-free sale of a pair of shoes is set at 180 €. The total production cost C (x), in euros, is expressed as a function of the number x of pairs of shoes sold by: C x () = + 1.5 1 x x5 +1350 2 with x ∈ [] 10; 80 c. In an ...
  98. math 11
    A pilot of a downed airplane fires the emergency flare into the sky. The path of the flare is modelled by the equation h=-0.096(d-25)^2 +60 where h is the height of the flare in meters when its horizontal distance from where it was propelled is d meters. An emergency ...
  99. math
    A steam line will increase in length by 1.440% when heated to operating temperature. Determine the original length of the line, if it increased in length by 5.000 cm when heated. (Round your answer to 3 decimal places).
  100. Math
    Complete each of the tasks outlined below. Task 1 You are starting a new business in which you have decided to sell two products instead of just one. Determine a business you could start and choose two products that you could sell. How much of your own money are you willing to...
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