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College Physics
A 0.60 kg mass is attached to a 0.6 m string and displaced at an angle of 15 degrees before it is released. 1)What is the potential energy of the pendulum? 2) What is the angular frequency of the pendulum? What is the height of its displacement? 4) What is the velocity of the ...

ENGLISH - Please verify my answers
1) In which sentence does the italicized word have a negative connotation? A) Jenna's, green eyes and dark eyelashes gave her an exotic look B) Jack, who is the most outspoken member of the group, led the position to the new rule. C) Matthew was scrawny kid, but he grew up ...

1. I am too tired to focus on the teaching. I am too tired to do the laundry. I am too tired to mop the floor. I am too tired to iron my uniform. I am too tired to clean the living room. I am too tired to arrange the things in the living room. 2. I am too young to use the ...

arvind mahila college
Find the G.p. in which 4th terms is 3 and the 7th term is 8/9.

Science project
Hi, can anyone please propose a science project that has to do with bacteria at a high school level. Any will do.The ones I've looked up online are mostly elementary and I had to search up college level ones..which gave the same results.

college algebra
In a certain gear, a bicycle tire with a diameter of 27 inches makes 3 complete revolution of the pedal.If a cyclist is pedaling at a rate of 100 revolutions per minute, find the speed of the bicycle in miles per hour?

A college football coach wants to know if the is a correlation between his players' leg strength and the time it takes for them to sprint 40 yards. he sets up the following test and records the data: Every day for a week, he counts how many times each player can leg press 350 ...

Which sentence below is CORRECTLY punctuated? -Richard Bushnell, who attended the University of Utah, enjoyed playing computer games in college.*** -Bushnell hired Steve Jobs who later became the CEO of Apple Computers. - The version of Pong, that Atari introduced, was ...

college music
Did impressionism apply only to painting and music?

College Alg.
An investor has up to $650,000 to invest in two types of investments. Type A pays 13% annually and type B pays 7% annually. To have a well-balanced portfolio, the investor imposes the following conditions. At least one-half of the total portfolio is to be allocated to type A ...

College physics
a person drives northward (90 degrees) at 15m/s in a truck that weighs 2500kg. a second person driving a car that weighs 1600 kg drives southwest (225 degrees) at 16 m/s. They have a perfectly inelastic collision. What is the direction and speed of the two vehicles immediately...

College Physics- buoyancy problem
To an order of magnitude, how many helium-filled toy balloons would be required to lift you? Because helium is an irreplaceable resource, develop a theoretical answer rather than an experimental answer. Assume that you have a mass of approximately 70 kg, the radius of a ...

You are shipping a care package to your sister in college. It costs $0.85 per pound plus a flat-fee of $12 to ship the package. Write and use an algebraic expression to find the total cost of shipping a 7 pound care package.

the function f computes the cost of tuition at a public college doing academic year x . find f(1995)

In each of the following sentences, insert correct capitalization and marks of punctuation whenever they are needed. Are these sentences correct. 1. On a recent blustery February afternoon, students were tearing down a sagging porch. 2. They are part of a program, trying to ...

College Algebra
Why hovering near the top of a waterfall of a national park of 6400 feet, a helicopter pilot drops his sunglasses. The height h(t) of the sunglasses after t seconds is given by the polynomial function h(t) = -16t(squared) + 6400. When will the sunglasses hit the ground? (in ...

College Algebra
Sam can sort 4000 pieces of mail in 5 hours. With a co-worker they can sort 4000 pieces of mail in 3 hours. How long will it take his co-worker to sort 2000 pieces of mail.

lighthouse christian college
Wich career can I take when I took english,afrikaans,lo,physics and pure maths?

college algebra
Diagonal length of flooring is 2 feet longer than the length and 5 feet longer than twice the width what are the dimensions of the flooring

College pre calc
Use bionomial formula to find the coefficient of the t^2 m^8 term in the expansion of (3t+m)^10. I got so far this 10C8 x 3^2 x t^2 x m^8 It tell me the next step is here =45 x 9 x t^2 x m^8 where did the 45 come from?? It doesn't explain that to me! The answer is 405 by the ...

Physics 12 college preparation
Find the work done by a traveller carrying a suitcase of mass 8.2 kg by pulling up on it when walking forward for a distance of 120 m . Explain your reasoning

A college football coach wants to know if the is a correlation between his players' leg strength and the time it takes for them to sprint 40 yards. he sets up the following test and records the data: Every day for a week, he counts how many times each player can leg press 350 ...

Algebra 1
Hudson is already 40 miles away form home on his drive back to college. He is driving 65 mi/h. Write an equation that models the total distance d traveled after h hours.

1. Jovanna has determined that she wouldn't want to be a nurse because she really doesn't like the sight of blood and she tends to not work well under pressure. Which stage of career matching is she in? (1 point) eliminating options that don't match her characteristics ...

college readiness
one number is 5 times another number.if the sum of the two number is 312,find the numbers

college algebra
reciprocal function of (3x-5)/(x-2)

English check my essay
Choose a main character from the novel you are reading and write about how that character changes over the course of the story. MY ESSAY | | |------------------------ Buck of the Call of the Wild In The Call of the Wild, the main character is a Shepherd named Buck. Buck can be...

The time needed to complete a final examination in a particular college course is normally distributed with a mean of 79 minutes and a standard deviation of 8 minutes. Answer the following questions. Assume that the class has 60 students and that the examination period is 90 ...

College Algebra
Gary owns a car dealership that sells cars, SUVs and minivans. Gary has three times as many SUVs as Minivans. He has eight more cars than SUVs. If he has a total of 127 vehicles on his lot, how many of each type does he have?

College Algebra
The students in a political science class are divided up into three categories: liberal, conservative, or moderate. There are five more conservatives than moderates, and twice as many liberals as conservatives. How many of each type are there if there is a total of 87 students...

college math
A survey indicated that 3 out of 5 doctors use brand x aspirin. If 2000 doctors were surveyed how many used brand x? please show me how to solve this ?

college algebra
john can usually wash a car in 45 mins. where as jim took 30 mins. for the job. one weekend they were in a hurry, so they worked together. How long did it take them?

College algebra
One pipe can fill the swimming pool in 6h and on other in 8h. If the first run for 2h and then the second is opened. How long before the pool is full?

college algebra
The rodent population in a city is currently estimated at 70,000 and is growing according to the Malthusian model. If it is expected to double every 3 years, when will the population reach one million? (Round your answer to one decimal place.)

the length of times it takes college students to find a parking spot im the library parking lot follows a normal distribution with a mean of 5.5 minutes and a standard deviation of 1 minute. find the cut off time which 75.8% of the college students exceed when trying to find a...

Language Arts
Question and answer review Please help Story. (Arturo’s mother asked him to visit his grandfather, who lives in a nursing home. Arturo did not want to go, but he finally agreed and is now sitting with his grandfather.) ^^^^^^^^paragraph 1^^^^^^^^ His name is Arturo too. I ...

Nico is saving money for his college education. He invests some money at 8%, and $1900 less than that amount at 7%. The investments produced a total of $257 interest in 1 yr. How much did he invest at each rate?

This is an essay dealing with Henry David Thoreau, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. The prompt asked how do these men individually reflect the "sprit of optimism" hence this is the name of the essay (: I need help to REVISE & EDIT as far as grammar, correct wordings...

top ville college
Chemistry What volume of carbon (iv) oxide at s.t.p is evolved when o.5moles of NaHCO3 is heated

College Physics
A 10 kg mass (initially at rest) is attached to a rope, which is wrapped about a thin-walled hollow cyclinder of diameter D = 50 cm and mass = 20 kg. After the 10 kg mass drops a distance of 1.4 m, what is the angular speed of the cylinder? What is the acceleration of the ...

College Physics
A 10 kg mass (initially at rest) is attached to a rope, which is wrapped about a thin-walled hollow cyclinder of diameter D = 50 cm and mass = 20 kg. After the 10 kg mass drops a distance of 1.4 m, what is the angular speed of the cylinder? What is the acceleration of the ...

College Algebra
The winning candidate for president of the freshman class received 2988 votes. If that was 150 more than half the votes cast, how many freshmen voted?

A researcher wants to know if the mean Body Mass Index (BMI) among a group of college students differs from 22. He took a random sample of 20 students and obtained their BMI: 22 21 21 22 26 24 20 24 24 27 36 28 20 25 22 19 24 26 22 21

college of the redwoods
x+9y=-42 3x+8y=-50 solve using the substitution method.

Almost all students in Spanish-speaking schools ______ . a. learn a foreign language*** b. are under 13 years of age c. play at least one sport d. take at least two years of college Just checking my work:) *** - My Answer Thanks, Kaai97

technical college
inscribe a circle into the given triangle in which r=75degree, q=45 degree and qr=8.5

Select the properly punctuated sentence. a. Please let me know; when I may contact you. b. Please let me know, when I may contact you. c. Please let me know when I may contact you.

liberty college
I am in grade 12 and I have taken History, matches literacy, English language/ literacy,life science, business studies and economics, what course will these subjects allow me take in university? Regards Rita.

saint Teresa's college nsk .subject: mathematics
find the 10th term of 8/9,_4/3,2

St Ann's College (DDL) Enugu
In A Class Of 60 Students, 30 Offer Physcis And 40 Offer Chemistry, (a)Use Venn Diagram To Represent This Information (b) How Many Students Offer Both Subject

HOW DOES the number of electoral college votes a presidential candidate has compare to the number of popular votes a presidential candidate has A.)sometimes the electoral college votes do not reflect the popular vote. it's the number of electoral college votes that determines...

college algebra
A piece of machinery valued at $30,000 depreciates at a rate of 10% yearly. How long will it take for it to reach a value of $15,000?

A horse breeder wants to construct a corral next to a horse barn that is L=20 feet long, using the barn as part of one side of the corral as shown in the figure above. The breeder has 320 feet of fencing available.

c$s college
the first term of an arithmetic progression is 3 and the fifth term is is 9.find the number of terms in the progression if the last term is 81

College Algerbra
A student must leave for campus in 10 minutes or he will be late for class. Unfortunately, he is snowed in. He can shovel the driveway in 18 minutes, and his brother claims to be able to do it in 12 minutes. If they shovel together, how long will it take to clear the driveway...

College Algerbra
I=N/P+c, solve for P

College Algerbra
P=N/1+i is used to determine what amount of principle P should be invested for one year at simple interest rate i in order to have N dollars after a year. Solve the formula for i.

Word Problem
Ivanna takes classes at both Westside Community College and Pinewood Community College. At Westside, class fees are $98 per credit hour, and at Pinewood, class fees are $115 per credit hour. Ivanna is taking a combined total of 12 credit hours at the two schools. Suppose that ...

city college
what are the three important formulars for projectile

English & Composition!
This is my conclusion to my surveillance essay. Can someone help me revise this or suggest any changes. I tried to make the conclusion as mature as possible to be a college/ university type of conclusion. Any further suggestions would be much appreciated. *I used "society" ...

Hi there, I need to answer a few questions and I want to make sure I wrote them out correctly. Can you please check my answers? 1. if you were president, what would be your most important decision Si yo fuera presidente, me gustaría bajar los impuestos 2. Do you work hard? S...

college physics
you are driving home from school at 90 km/h. it then began to rain and you slow to 50km/h. your arrive home after driving 3 hours and 20 minutes, how far is your hometown from school? what is the average speed?

omega int'l college
x sinx Lim e -e/x-sinx X=0

Liberia Christian Community College
Who is the father of geography

college chemistry
Describe the preparation of 250cm^3 of 0.05M H2SO4 given the following stock bottle solution. %purity=98 Specific gravity=1.84 Molecular weight=98

Dallas Community College
A 2.00 kg blob of clay is moving with a velocity of 6.00 m/s at 49.0° when it collides and sticks to a 4.00 kg blob of clay that is moving with a velocity of 5.00 m/s at -123.0°. What is the magnitude and direction of the velocity of the resulting big blob of clay?

college algebra help******
You intercepted the following message from Boris and Natasha. 25 19 19 30 41 17 15 26 27 41 15 28 18 41 18 29 41 34 22 19 41 27 15 34 22 You do not now the encoding or decoding function but from previous work with Boris and Natasha you know their encoding and decoding ...

San Jose city college
Suppose a plane flying west a distance of 600 miles take 6 hours .The return trip take 5 hour . Find the airspeed of the plane and the effect wind resistance has on the plane?

At Phillips college 40% of the students are male. If there are 1200 male students, then how many total students are there?

Science college
An elements X having mass and atomic number A and Z react with neutron to give gamma ray and P with mass and atomic number 1.what is X?

College Algebra
The centripetal force of an object moving around a circle varies directly with the square of the speed and inversely as the radius of the object. Suppose the force is 300 N when the speed is 15 m/s and the radius is 5m. What would the force be if the speed was increased to 20 ...

Harrisburg Area Community College
find the equation of a rational function that passes through (0,1) and (2,1), has the x axis as a horizontal asymptote, and has two vertical asymptotes at x=3 and x=-3

11 Grade College Prep Math-Based Physics
Not good at physics, so could someone check these practice test questions please? Explanations are appreciated. 1. Which of Newton's Laws says you cannot touch anything without being touched? a) 4th b) 2nd c) 1st d) 3rd *** 2. A 3.00 kg ball is dropped from rest from the roof ...

mam college
find the common ratio of the geometric progression ¼ ½ 1—2

7. Professors’ Salaries The average salary for a Queens College full professor is $85,900. If the average salaries are normally distributed with a standard deviation of $11,000, find these probabilities. a. 0.3557 (TI: 0.3547) a. The professor makes more than $90,000. b. The...

If two resistors with resistances R1 and R2 are connected in parallel, as in the figure below, then the total resistance R, measured in ohms (Ω), is given by 1 R = 1 R1 + 1 R2 . If R1 and R2 are increasing at rates of 0.3 Ω/s and 0.2 Ω/s, respectively, how fast ...

Bass: The bass in Clear Lake have weights that are normally distributed with a mean of 2.3 pounds and a standard deviation of 0.6 pounds. (a) If you catch one random bass from Clear Lake, find the probability that it weighs less than 1 pound? Round your answer to 4 decimal ...

College Chemistry
Suppose 15.0 grams of solid sodium hydroxide solid at 20.5 oC is dropped into 120 grams of water in a container that has a heat capacity of 10.0 J/oC, temperature also 20.5 oC. A solution that has a density of 1.04 g/mL forms at a temperature of 38.0 oC. What is the heat of ...

one-half of the students in a city school plan to enter liberal arts colleges and one-third of the students plan to go to junior college.The remaining 300 pupils expect to seek permanent employment after graduation.How many students are there in this school?

College Physics
A student throws a 140 g snowball at 7.5 m/s at the side of the schoolhouse, where it hits and sticks. What is the magnitude of the average force on the wall if the duration of the collision is 0.19 s ?

The time needed to complete a final examination in a particular college course is normally distributed with a mean of 83 minutes and a standard deviation of 13 minutes. Answer the following questions. What is the probability of completing the exam in one hour or less (to 4 ...

First year students at a particular college must take one English class, one class in mathematics, a first year seminar, and and elective. There are 2 English class to choose from, 3 mathematicss classes, 5 electives, and everyone takes the same first year seminar. Represent ...

college algebra
a cake recipe calls for 1 2/4 cups of sugar. A caterere has 15 1/2 cups of sugar on hand. how many cakes can he make?

college algebra
21/3 cups tomato sauce makes dnough sauce for seven people. how much tomato sauce for one serving

college writting two
Could this be a thesis lower minimum wages are detrimental for disabled and college students.

Three fourths of college students use the internet more than the library. Nine hundredths use the library more. How many times more students use the internet?

College Physics
A 1670 kg car rolling on a horizontal surface has a speed of 80 km/hr when it strikes a horizontal coiled spring and is brought to rest in a distance of 6.5 m. What is the spring constant (in N/m) of the spring? (Ignore nonconservative forces such as friction.) Now I've tried ...

A tank for storing water is conical in shape, with maximum radius 20 m and maxi­mum depth 15 m. The large, circular end of the tank points vertically upwards and is open to the air. It is known that the volume of water in the tank will decrease at a rate proportional to the ...

College Algebra
The equationS = 1.3x + 6.4 represents the amount of sales of statin in billions of dollars in 2005. a. According to this equation, people in the U.S spent ---- billion dollars on statins in the year of 2011. b. According to this equation, sales of statin will reach 20.41 ...

College Chemistry
the acid dissociation constant for acetic acid is 1.85x10^-5. Calculate the pH at the equivalent point and the pH at one-half the equivalence point for the titration of 25.00 mL of 0.100 M acetic acid with 0.100 M NaOH?

gaya ,college science
Which one of the following is an alkaline earth element? a) carbon b)sodium c)zinc d)iron

Please,i need a chemical balanced equation between diethyl ether+ conc.sulphuric acid+ glacial acetic acid

Intermediate Algebra for College
Imagine that you are looking to rent a car that costs $15 a day, and you will be charged an additional 25 cents for every mile you drive it during the day. The following formula can be used to calculate the cost for driving the car for a day: C = 0.25m + 15 If you were to ...

joint heirs college, Fola agoro, shomolu Lagos.
CHEMISTRY (1) What is the equation for reaction when calcium oxide and coke are heated in electric furnace (2) what solid remains when the following is heated-(a) lithium trioxonitrate (v), (b) potassium trioxonitrate (v), (c) calcium trioxonitrate (v). (3) addition of water ...

College/Career Math
You choose a tile at random from a bag containing 5 tiles with A, 9 tiles with B, and 4 tiles with C. You pick a second tile without replacing the first. Find each probability. P (A then C) P (C then B)

college algeb
1.) 3(t+1)>2t 2.) 2p+1/5 > -3 3.) x^2-3x-10 >= 10 please help and show solution

college algeb
Inequalities 1.) 3(t+1)>2t 2.) 2p+1/5 > -3 3.) x^2-3x-10 >= 10

U.S. History
1. Explain why Secretary of State James G. Blaine convened the Pan-American conference in 1889. A: James Blaine convened the Pan-American conference because he wanted to create a customs union between Latin America and the United States. A customs union would require American ...

college algebra
Throwing A ball: A ball is thrown vertically from ground level with an initial speed of 108 ft/s. A. When will the ball hit the ground? B. When will the ball be 180 ft above the ground? h=-16t^2VT+H

college algebra
SELLING PEANUTS-samuel operates a small peanut stand. He estimates that he can sell 600 bags of peanuts per day if he changes 50 cents for each bag. He determines that can sell 20 more bags for each 1 cent reduction in price. A. What would his revenue be if he changed 48 cent ...

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