College Algebra
Question: Given f(x)=x^2+3x x such that f(x)=4 (ie y=4, what is x?) I am honestly very confused by this question to even attempt to do it. Though here is what I have on the rest of my sheet as my answers. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thank you! Given f(x)=x^2+3x A. f(2)= 10...

college chemistry
calculate the equilibrium constant for the following reaction at 298k given that DeltaGrxn=2.8kj/mol N2O4-2NO2 I thought to get K you use the expression K=e^(-deltaG/(RT)) but I cant get the same answer my professor put down which is 3.1

College Algebra
The logistic growth function f(t)= 100,000/5000e^-t describes the number of people, f(t), who have become ill with influenza t weeks after its initial outbreak in a particular community. A) How many people became ill with the flu after the epidemic began? B) What is the ...

college algebra
The electrical resistance of a wire of a given material varies as its length and inversely as the square of the diameter. if a wire 300 feet long and 0.05 inches in diameter has a resistance of 30 ohms, (a) find the resistance of a wire which is 1000 feet long and 0.02 inch in...

A college student is generally expected to do all of the following except?

college general chemistry 2
a chemist titrates 70 ml of .7889M HClO solution with .6221M KOH. calculate pH at equivalence. pKa of HClO is 7.50 I am getting pH of 17.72 Is that right?

the mean weight of 500 males students at a certain college is 151 lb and standard deviation is 15lb .assuming the weights are normally distributed, find how many students weigh between 120 and 155 lb ..ii) more than 185 lb

1.Among 90 pieces of mail delivered to the library of a college,50 are addressed to the faculty of Business Administration and 40 are addressed to the Communication faculty.if two of these pieces of mail are delivered to the Dean's office by mistake,and the selection is random...

College Algebra
Write a sentence explaining the meaning of the slope and y-intercept for the given linear relation. According to the Statistical Abstract of the United States, the number of crimes, C, reported since 1998 is given by the equation: C=31000-29t where t is in years. A. What is ...

College Algebra/pre-calculus
The Pointless Pencil Company purchases a new stamping machine for the production line that cost $8000. The equipment will be replaced in 10 years at which time its salvage value is expected to be $1000. Write a linear equation giving the value, y, of the machine during the ...

College algebra
How many pounds of nuts selling for$6/lb and raisins selling for $3/ lb should a person combine to obtain150 lb of trail mix selling for $4/lb?

10.)Use the following text from the Twelfth Amendment to answer the following question: The person having the greatest Number of votes for president, shall be the President, if such number be a majority of whole number of Electors appointed; & if no person have such majority, ...

If there are 380 seniors and 29 out of every 40 plan on going to college how many plan on going to college?

College Algebra
Suppose k(w)=2^w. (a) Find a formula for y=k(w)+7

College Algebra 1
Factor completely. Remember to look first for a common factor and check by multiplying. if polynomial is prime, state this. -36a^2-96ab-54b^2 I couldn't find the right answer.

College Physics
At what temperature is the root-mean-square speed of nitrogen molecules equal to the root-mean-square speed of hydrogen molecules at 126 oC? (Hint: The molar mass of hydrogen atoms is 1.008 g/mol and of nitrogen atoms is 14.007 g/mol. The molar mass of H2 is twice the molar ...

College Physics
A welder using a tank of volume 1¡Ñ10−2m3 fills it with oxygen (with a molar mass of 32.0g/mol ) at a gauge pressure of 1.4¡Ñ105Pa and temperature of 37.0∘C. Find the initial mass of oxygen. R=8.314m3PaK-1mol-1. The answer¡¦s unit is g.

College Physics
If a certain amount of ideal gas occupies a volume 9.5 m3 with a pressure of 3.1 atm and temperature 5.4 oC on earth, what would be its volume on another planet, where the temperature is 5.3oC and the pressure is 7.4 atm ? The answer is in unit of m3

laney college
The following questions are based on the “Mt. Dome, California,” quadrangle (Figure 33-2 found on page 228 of the Laboratory Manual; enlarged to scale 1:48,000; contour interval 40 feet) and the stereogram of the same

The Smiths son, Jake, is 19 and a full-time student in his second year of college. Jake paid $5,650 in tuition during 2015, and another $650 for textbooks. The Smiths are claiming Jake as a dependent. Their taxable income is $13,000, and their tax liability before credits is $...

Four major candidates ran in the 1824 election, all under the "Democratic-Republican" name. One of the candidates, Andrew Jackson, was already famous. In the 1780s, he earned the right to practice law and served in various offices of the state government, including senator. He...

“That person must belong to a gang; just look how he dresses”. How often do you here people saying these types of things about others, yet, how often have we said something similar? I believe our society is based on the superficial things, which we categorize people ...

“That person must belong to a gang; just look how he dresses”. How often do you here people saying these types of things about others, yet, how often have we said something similar? I believe our society is based on the superficial things, which we categorize people ...

College Physics
A student of mass M = 82 kg takes a ride in a frictionless loop-the-loop at an amusement park. The radius of the loop-the-loop is R = 15 m. The force due to the seat on the student at the top of the loop-the-loop is FN = 696 N and is vertically down. What is the apparent ...

Art World Culture
10.)Most artists fall into a particular style because: A. They choose the style when they become a professional. B. They are given the style as an assignment in college. C. Their work naturally has the characteristics of the style. D. They chose to join a group of artists.*** D?

Which one of the following sentences contains an unnecessary colon? A. Here's the question on all of our minds: Will our team be able to defeat their arch rivals tonight? B. Carlos has three goals in life: to graduate from college, own his own home, and work in the computer ...

Suppose you are interested in determining the probability that a college student will own a personal computer. You poll 8 of your classmates from randomly selected classes and find that 5 of them own their own computers. Find a 90% confidence interval estimate for the ...

college math
The mass of Saturn is about 5.688 10^23 metric tons. The mass of the sun is about 1.998 x 10^27 metric tons. About how many times the mass of Saturn is the mass of the sun? Give answer in scientific notation. The mass of the sun is about ----- times the mass of Saturn.

1.)Which best describes the purpose of the Electoral College in the United States? A.)chooses the winner of an election if the popular vote is disputed B.)reduces the number of smear campaigns among candidates C.)publishes the results from each state’s chosen electors D.)...

English Vocubulary fourth edition
I was not (1)______ (e)d with athletic ability. In frequent nightmare, I'm still trying to pass my mandatory gym class so that I can graduate from high school.The situation always looks grim.For one thing, the teacher has threatened me with (2)____________ from school if I don...

Bussiness management
a college teacher told his students,management course is to teach students about management not to become managers.Do you agree or disagree with this statement. Discuss your answer

College history
The former Soviet Union cannot be considered a democracy because Of what? I have info on it already I just want someone else's option and thoughts on it so I can add it to my essay

College history
Social order and norms of behavior are often learned in what era or school time? I think it's either college or adulthood

college algebra
there are three consecutive even integers such that twice the first is 20 more than the second. find the largest integer

There are 72 questions on a college entrance examination.  One point is awarded for each correct​ answer, and one third of a one third of a point is deducted for each incorrect answer. How many questions does Tami need to answer correctly in order to score at...

Maths literacy ,life science,history,geography
Which university or college take the subjects that i am doing

history help
Four major candidates ran in the 1824 election, all under the "Democratic-Republican" name. One of the candidates, Andrew Jackson, was already famous. In the 1780s, he earned the right to practice law and served in various offices of the state government, including senator. He...

college algebra
Rectangle garden using a wall as one side of the perimeter. What are the dimensions if we have 16ft of fencing and an area of 30sqft. To be clear, you are only using the fencing for 3 sides of the garden.

At a high school, GPA’s are normally distributed with a mean of 2.6 and a standard deviation of 0.5. What percentage of students at the college have a GPA between 2.1 and 3.1?

Personal dimensions of education
A high percentage of student population in the college of health and behavioral sciences planning to obtain an internship in the hospital while completing their degree

college physics
determine the displacement vector that must be added to the displacement) 25-16) m to give a displacement of 7m pointing in the positive x-direction?

Math Word Problem
Each course at college X is worth either 3 or 4 credits. The members of the​ men's swim team are taking a total of 52 courses that are worth a total of 169 credits. How many 3​-credit courses and how many 4​-credit courses are being​ taken?

Math Word Problem
Each course at college X is worth either 4 or 5 credits. The members of the​ men's swim team are taking a total of 52 courses that are worth a total of 22 credits. How many ​4-credit courses and how many 5​-credit courses are being​ taken?

College A
2,900 to grow to $7,000 if the annual rate is 13.5% and interest is compounded monthly?


college algebra
Ivan is putting money into a checking account. Let y represent the total amount of money in the account (in dollars). Let x represent the number of weeks Ivan has been adding money. Suppose that x and y are related by the equation y=550+40x. What is the change per week in the ...

5 coins are tossed 3200times. Find the expected frequency for heads and tails also find the mean and varience of the number of heads?

college pre calculus
A kite frame is to be made from 6 pieces of wood. The four border pieces have been cut 5 and 12. The long center piece is 13. what should the length of the cross pieces be in order to maximize the area of the kite.

broward college
collagen vascular disease ,affect the protein collagen ,the main component of collagen fibers. predict the possible consequence of defective collagen fibers on specific organs and tissues how would effect of collagen vascular disease that affected only the collagen in ...

Is graduate tuition is tuition for graduate school? I want to become a nurse. Graduate tuition Nursing $828.00 per credit But here the tuition is $17,166 The annual total list price cost to go to Mercy was $31,928 I'm sooo confused please help. Does it cost more than $31,928?

English (HELP)
The Puritans founded Harvard College at Newtowne in 1636. Three years later, they renamed the city of Cambridge to honor the British city where many of the colonists had studied. What does this fact reveal about the group who fled England?

Suppose you have student loans totaling $10,500 when you graduate from college. The APR is 9% and the loan term is 10 years. a) What are your monthly payments? b) What is the total amount you will pay over the term of the loan? c) Of the total amount paid, what percentage is ...

A local college bookstore paid a net price of $12,500 for textbooks for the coming semester. The publisher offered a trade discount of 20%. The publisher's original list price was A. $15,625. B. $15,000. C. $15,500. D. $2,500. A

college loan
if i take out a loan for $10,000.00 and pay $300.00 a month at 5.00 % interest how long until paid off ?


1-What does it mean that a process is under statistic control? Can a production be labeled as "out of control" because it is too good? Explain. 2-What are run charts used for in process control? Why is it desirable to use both median run test and up/down run test on the same ...

Math College Algebra
For the solution of finding zeros flr -6x^2-13x+5 When i use factoring and completing the squares the zeros are 1/3 and -5/2 However when i used the quadratic formula it gave me -13+ - sqrt of 17/ 12 Why is that. Is it still tge same How

Math College Algebra (urgent before 2hours)
Find the zeros of the following USE ALL THE THREE METHODS FOR EACH NUMBER ( Factoring, Completing the Squares and Quadratic Formula) 1.f(x) =3x+5 2.g(y)=y^2-3y+2 3.s(xl= -6x^2-13x+5 Please help me I need this before 2 hours to come. Please help me hpw to do this . Please help ...

Math College Algebra
Find the zeros of the following USE ALL THE THREE METHODS FOR EACH NUMBER ( Factoring, Completing the Squares and Quadratic Formula) 1.f(x) =3x+5 2.g(y)=y^2-3y+2 3.s(xl= -6x^2-13x+5 Please help me I need this before 2 hours to come. Please help me hpw to do this . Please help ...

College math
I'm supposed to substitute (3+h) into the equation 3t^3-2^t+8. I keep getting 3h^3-h^2+80 but it says that's incorrect and the real answer is 3h^3+26h+75h+80. Can somebody explain how they got that?

Managerial Finance
Isabelle wants to save up an amount of $150,000 for her son's college education fees, coming up in 5 years. Find the amount that should be invested today if the bank pays an interest rate of 5% compounded annually

college math
estimate the total cost of 97 shirts at $19.95 each

college math
A car rents for $260 per week plus $0.10 per mile. Find the rental cost for a three week trip of 800 miles

college math
in a conjecture the answer i got was 12n how would it look if it was to be part A-multiplied by 12 part B-add 12 to the product Part C- divide the sum by 2 PArt D-subtract 6 from the quotient

college math
i have 12n how would 12n look if it was multiplied by 12

Chaz is a college student. He has a checking out balance of -$52.00. His roommate Will's checking out balance is -$59.25. Chaz thinks that Will owes more to the bank than Chaz does. Is Chaz correct?

college algebra2
the area of a quadrilateral is 200 square feet and its longest side is 20 feet long. find the length of the longest side of a similar polygon whose area is 400 square feet.

college algebra2
a triangle whose base is 18 inches long has an area of 280 square inches. find the area of a similar triangle whose base is 6 1/4 feet long.

college algebra
y= 1 ______ x^2+9 What type of symmetry?

college algebra
Perform the operation and put in standard form. (8+square root of-12)-(4+2square root of 3i)

College Math
I am so confuse about this question Determine the area of a circular enclosure and a square enclosure made with 107 meters of fence.

College Algebra
A person who is 6 feet tall walks away from a flagpole toward the tip of the shadow of the flagpole. When the person is 32 feet from the flagpole, the tips of the person's shadow and the shadow cast by the flagpole coincide at a point 4 feet in front of the person.

College Algebra
A jazz group on tour has been drawing average crowds of 1000 people. It is projected that for every $1 increase in the $17 ticket price, the average attendance will decrease by 60. What equation could be used to solve this problem and at what ticket price will nightly receipts...

College Physics
A truck moving north at a speed of 70 km/h. The exhaust pipe on top sends out a trail of smoke that makes a 20 degree angle east of south. If the wind is blowing toward the east. What is the wind speed at that location?

college algebra
I'm completely drawing a blank on how to do this. A woman has $500,000 invested into two real estate properties. One yields an annual return on 12% and the other returns 15% per year on her investment. Her total annual return from the two investments is $64,500. If X ...

A college is planning to construct a rectangular parking lot on land bordered on one side by a highway. The plan is to use 520 feet of fencing to fence off the other three sides. width length

After getting her first job, a college graduate wants to begin saving money so she can pay cash for a new car. She wants to save enough each month to have $21,000 at the end of 4 years, and her savings account pays 4% interest, compounded monthly. How much will she have to ...

math college readiness
A ball is thrown from a height of 105 feet with an initial downward velocity of 9/fts . The ball's height h (in feet) after t seconds is given by the following. =h−105−9t16t2 How long after the ball is thrown does it hit the ground? Round your answer(s) to the ...

Solve the following linear programming problems by the graphical method Dr. Lum teaches part-time at two different community colleges, Hilltop College and Serra College. Dr. Lum can teach up to 5 classes per semester. For every class taught by him at Hilltop College, he needs ...

College Chemistry
Oxygen has a Henry’s law constant of 1.3*10^-3 mol/kg*bar at 25 °C when dissolving in water. If the total pressure of gas ( gas plus water vapor) over water is 1.00 bar, what is the concentration of O2 in the water in grams per milliliter? (The vapor pressure of water at 25...

I really need help asap with my subjective letter for my NJHS Application. Please answer fast- it is due tomorrow!! --- To the National Juniors Honor Society: I express my gratitude for selecting me, Sandra Garcia, as a possible member of the National Junior Honors Society (...

College Algebra
A yo-yo factory has fixed operating costs of $450,000 per year. In addition to the fixed costs, the cost to produce one yo-yo is $1.10. The yo-yo company sells the yo-yos to a distributor for $5.50 each. How many yo-yos must be sold in a year to earn a profit of at least $140,...

Algebra 1 college
How much of a 12% saline solution should be mixed with a 4% saline solution to obtain 40 milliliters of a 6% saline solution?. Use a system of equations and elimination method to solve. can someone please see if I am on the right track. 12T + 4F=6x40 -4 -4F 4 8T=2x40 8T=80 8T/...

pre-calc college
a certain type of fencing comes in rigid 10 foot long sections. Four uncut segments are to be used to fence in a garden on the side of a building. what value of x will make the garden as large as possible?

college pre-calc
Would a truck that is 12 feet tall and 9 feet wide fit through a parabolic arch that is 15 feet high at the high point and 16 feet wide?

Find the dimensions of a rectangle with a Perimeter of 100 cm - its width is 2/3 its length.

College Algebra
Find all real and complex roots and type complex answers in the form a+bi. x^4-9x^2+20=0

College- US History
How has popular culture reinforced Cowboys of the West?

The proposed developer employed only certified programmers. Over the past five years they have redesigned more than 50 databases for local businesses. They will add innovative new functionalities to our system, while increasing the efficiency of our current system's ...

Lamar has received $2,000 each year for college from his grandmother for the four years that he was in high school. He has deposited the money on the same day each year in an account that pays 8% interest, compounded annually. How much money has he saved? A $7,012.22 B $9,012....

Which of the following sentences best reflects chronological order? a. George Washington Carver became known for his research on plant biology. b. He attended Simpson College from 1890, and enrolled in Iowa State Agricultural College the following year.*** c. Carver discovered...

In a freshman class of 3500 students at a particular college, 20000 are taking either a history of English class their first semester. Of these 2000 students, 1300 are taking both a history class and an English class, and 375 are taking only a history class. Draw a Venn ...

college math
a basketball team played 68 games they won 22 more than they lost. how many games did they win? how many games did they lose?

Marble hall
Is it possible to start pure maths and physics at college ?

College Algrebra
Joel can run around a 1/4 mi track in 66 sec. Jason can run around the track in 60 sec.If the runners start at the same point on the track and run in opposite directions, how long will it take the runners to cover 1/4 mile?

College Writing
Can you proofread my essay on social media--what is it, good, and bad aspects of it. Short Writing Assignment #1- Social Media Did you know; 56% of Americans ranging from ages 12-65+ have a social media profile? Just 20 years or so ago no one had heard of sites like Facebook. ...

Maths Literacy,Tourism, Geography and Life science
Which type of Job can I get while doing General Subjects and which course can I take in University or college?

College Algebra
The combined yearly interest for x dollars invested at 12% and 30,000 - x dollars invested at 9% is

College algebra
It took Eric 8 hours to drive to a job interview. On the way home, he was able to increase his average speed by 18mph and make the return drive in only 5 hours. Find his average speed on the return drive. Rate x time =distance Original drive- x. ____ _____ Return drive- ____ ...

tourism, maths literacy, business studies and econ
I am a grade 10 and i need to know what course can I take at university or college if I studied maths lit,business studies, economics and tourism

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