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One campus of Houston community college has plans to construct a rectangular parking lot on land bordered on one side by a highway. there are 640 feet of fencing available to fence the sides. let x represent the length of each off the two parallel sides of fencing.

------------ Words: ABSTAIN AFFILIATE AGNOSTIC ASPIRE BENEVOLENT DEFICIT DISSENT DIVERSION LUCRATIVE MANDATORY ----------------------------------------​----------------------- 1-2. My uncle decided to splurge and _____ with a country club because golf is his favorite ...

College Physics
where must a 500 N weight be hung on a uniform beam w/ a length of 5 m and weighs 150 N so that the girl standing on the other end is 1/4 as much as the boy standing at the other end?

A student government representative at a local university claims that 60% of all the undergraduate students favor a move to Division I in college football. A simple random sample of 250 undergraduate students is selected. What is the probability that the sample proportion ...

Can someone read my eight sentence paragraph. A high school diploma is very important to me. With a high school diploma I can show my children that your never to old to go back to school. Which will set a good example for my children to show them they need to follow their ...

College Physics
A 3.0 m long light board with negligible weight is supported at each end by cables. a painter weighing 900 N stands 1.o m from the left cable. Find the tension in each cable.

college physics
a 3m long light board with negligible weight is supported at each end by cables. a painter weighing 900 N stands 1m from the left cable. find the tension in each cable,

trigonometry- college
For two hours, a boat sails straight from port A to port C with a speed of 50 miles per hour. Port B is due east of port A, and the bearing of line segment BC is 20 degrees south west. Find the bearing of line segment AC. I really don't know what's the first thing to do.

Social Reform 1) New harmony, Indiana, was an example of a... :Revival. :Frontier camp. :Utopia.*** :College. 2) Who was the leader of education who lengthened the school year to six months? :Lyman Beecher. :Horace Mann.*** :Charles Finney. :Dorothea Dix. 3) Margaret Fuller, ...

Social Studies
!. how is the size of a legislative district determined A. by geographical boundaries B. by city limits *** C. by the apportioned population D. by county boundaries 2. the term bicameral legislature refers to two of what A. chambers of the General Assembly B. state senators in...

College Alegebra
a 23 foot ladder is placed against a vertical wall of a building with the bottom of the ladder standing on level ground 18 feet from the base. how high up the wall does the ladder reach?

College Algebra
What is the amount at the end of 3 years of an investment of Php 1000 given that the annual interest rate is 8 % and is compounded annually?

College Physics
A lab class conducts a 1000 trial scattering probability experiment. Nine (9) target marbles were used on a 45.0 cm wide board. The marble diameter was calculated to be 1.48 cm. How many hits were recorded during the experiment? If the standard value for the marble diameter is...

Math Ms Sue
Which expression would you use to find the area of a rectangle with a width of 4 inches and a length of 6 inches? 4+6 4x6 8x12 8+12 Ms Sue this is Karen you helped in College English so well I am trying to help my 3rd grade granddaughter with no math book just problems

math/Do not understand
At a local college,153 of the male students are smokers and 357 are non-smokers. Of the female students,145 are smokers and are 355 non-smokers. A male student and a female student from the college are randomly selected for a survey. What is the probability that both are ...

College Algebra
Flight of a Ball If a ball is thrown upward at 96 feet per second from the top of a building that is 100 feet high, the height of the ball can be modeled by S(t)=100 + 96t -16t^2 feet, where t is the number of seconds after the ball is thrown. How long after the ball is thrown...

College Algebra
Write an equation that has the given solutions. 0, 2, and 9

A teacher is interested in finding out how many hours a day a college student at Monroe Community College exercises. The teacher randomly chooses 1000 college students and asks them, “How many hours do you exercise?” Explain whether there could be any bias in the data the ...

A wealthy patron of a small private college wishes to endow a chair in mathematics with a gift of G thousand dollars. Suppose the mathematician who occupies the chair is to receive $110 thousand dollars per year in salary and benefits. If money costs 8% per year compounded ...

main ideas
I REALLY NEED HELP WITH THIS!!! Mastery test 3 Mastery test 5 ten steps to improving college reading skills sixth edition by John Langa

college physics 1
As part of a fundraiser, the Chancellor has agreed to bungee jump from a crane 45 m above a pool filled with Jello. The plan is for the bungee cord to stop the Chancellor just before his head enters the Jello. Your task is to select a bungee cord that will safely stop the ...

Lusaka business and tecnical college
A uniform rod AB is 2m Long. The rod, which exerts a downward force of 60N at its center, is placed on a knife edge support positioned 0.8m from A. Determine the vertical downward force required at A to prevent rotation.

College physics
How much work (kJ) must a car produce to drive 239 miles if an average force of 369 N must be maintained to overcome friction?

College Physics
A sled at rest is suddenly pulled in three horizontal directions at the same time, but it does not move. Paul pulls to the northeast with a force of 31 lb. Johnny pulls at an angle of 36° south of due west with a force of 52 lb. Connie pulls with a force to be determined. 1) ...

college algebra
Solve the equation with rational exponents. (X-1)^2/3=36

College Physics
What is the centripetal force acting on an object with a mass of 20 kg moving at a velocity of 10 m/s in a circle with a diameter of 5 m? When the object is moving with circular motion, are the forces balanced on the object? Why or why not?

College Physics
A rope can withstand a maximum tension force of 500N before breaking. If we use the rope to pull a 24 kg bucket of water from a well, what is the maximum acceleration upward we can use without breaking the rope?

College Physics
A 750 kg rocket accelerates straight upward from the ground at 60 m/s2. What is the force (thrust) provided by the engine?

College Physics
Human nerve impulses travel at about 10 m/s. Estimate the minimum reaction time from the moment you perceive an obstacle in front of your car and the moment that your foot receives the command to press on the brakes. Consider your height as 1.73m. If the car is traveling at ...

College Physics
Find (a) the magnitude and (b) the direction of the net force on an object given that the following forces act on the object at the same time: 10N east, 20N down, 20N west, 30N down, and 20N up.

college algebra need help asap
Solve the system of equations using substitution. 2x−8y = 2 x+4y = 0 What is the solution? Select the correct choice below and fill in any answer boxes in your choice. A. m (Type an ordered pair.) B. There are infinitely many solutions. C. There is no solution.

college algebra
A limousine service charges  $20  plus  $0.50  per mile and a taxicab company charges  $1.50  per mile. Write and graph a system of equations for the cost of each ride, find the number of miles for each ride to cost the same, and determine ...

College Algebra
give the domain and the range for the following set of ordered pairs and determine if the ordered pairs represent a function. A) (1,2)(3,4)(5,5)(4,4)(5,4) B) (4,1)(5,1)(6,1)(7,1)(8,1)

College Algebra
A rectangular room has an area of 400 sq. ft. The length is 7 ft less than twice the width. Find the dimensions of the room.

College Algebra
solve for b, A=1/2(a+b)h

College Algebra
s=c+rc solve for c

College Human Geography
"Why is there inadequate action by the state to curb the violence?" Can someone explain what the question is asking?

College Algebra
A grocer mixes peanuts that cost $1.49 per pound and walnuts that cost $2.69 per pound to make 100 pounds of a mixture that costs $2.21 per pound. How much of each kind of nut did the grocer put into the mixture?

College Algebra
A person who is 6 feet tall walks away from a 50-foot tower toward the tip of the tower's shadow. At a distance of 32 feet from the tower, the person's shadow begins to emerge beyond the tower's shadow. How much farter must the person walk to be completely out of the tower's ...

College Algebra
A truck driver traveled at an average speed of 55 miles per hour on a 200-mile trip pick up a load of freight. On the return trip (with the truck fully loaded), the average speed was 40 miles per hour. What was the average speed for the round trip?

college algebra
A rectangular auditorium seats 1920 people. The number of seats in each row exceeds the number of rows by 8. Find the number of seats in each row.

College Human Geography
"What role does race play in the film?" Can someone explain this question?

college physics
two forces act simultaneously on a box. one pulls with a force of 12 pounds due south. the other pulls with a force of 8 pounds in a direction 20 degrees north od east. what is the resultant of these two forces?

Intermediate College Algebra
The larger of two numbers is ten more than twice the smaller number. The sum of the numbers is forty. Find each number.

one out of 42 high school ball players plays college ball. one out of 47 college players plays professional ball. what fraction of high school players professional ball?

College interview
Hi! I was just wondering if one of the teachers could tell me whether or not it is unprofessional to wear colored contact lenses to a college interview? The colors aren't drastic colors but they are contact lenses nonetheless. thanks!

college Algebra
ANemployee is paid a base salary of $2,150 a month plus an 8% commission on all sales over $7,000 during the month. How much must he sell in one month to earn a total of $3,120 for the month/

college mathematics 1
describe the graph of g(x)=f(x)+1 relitave to f(x)

college chemistry
A sample of gas has an initial volume of 5.9L at a pressure of 759mmHg. If the volume of the gas is increased to 8.4L , what will the pressure be?

College Algebra
Allison drove home at 65 mph, but her brother Austin, who left at the same time, could drive at only 41 mph. When Allison arrived, Austin still had 144 miles to go. How far did Allison drive?

personal finance
As a college senior, Jessica was offered a new credit card that allowed her to take a 10% discount on the first month's purchases. She accepted the offer and made purchases that totaled $156.19. How much did she owe after the discount was deducted from the $156.19?

college algebra
x represent the unknown value eight more than one-sixth of a number

1.what contributes to your passive digital footprint? A)entering your address into a website to sign up for a contest B) cookies that track your online habits**** C) uploading a profile picture to a social media site D) posting information on your personal web page 2. Why ...

social studies
Regarding the Electoral College, which of the following statements is false? A. Electors vote on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December. B. The electoral vote results are transmitted to the Secretary of State. C. The electoral college is located in Washington...

college chemistry
1)what is the final pH of CHECOOH 0.18M ,CHECOONa 0.08M, HNO3 0.08M and NaOH 0.08M ? Ka=1.8^10(-5) 2)what fraction of free edta is in the form )y^4-) at ph=10?

Sabah has $450 to pay for college textbooks. She expects to pay about $75 per book. Her friend told her that 4 of them can be checked out of the library for free. Complete the equation below to find the total number of books that Sabah can get for her classes. Use b to ...

College Algebra
Find all real numbers x satisfying the equation: 2^x + 3^x - 4^x + 6^x - 9^x = 1. Please help me. I really don't know what to do.

College Geography
"The desert was tamed but the price was calamitous, the worst climatic disaster in the history of the Soviet Union." Can someone explain what tamed means in the sentence? This sentence has to do with the Aral Sea.

College Trigonometry
Eliminate t from the two equations x = vtcos(theta) and y = vtsin(theta) - (gt^2/2) and obtain a relationship between x and y (assume that v, g and theta are constants)

College Algebra and Trigonometry
if x = ucos(pi/4) - vsin(pi/4) and y = usin(pi/4) + vcos(pi/4), find A, B and C so that, 5x^2 - 6xy + 5y^2 = Au^2 + Buv + Cv^2. Thanks, I really don't know what to do, I've already used almost 20 sheets of paper. Please help me. Thanks.

psychlogical statistics
A random selection of files from a student counseling center revealed the following reasons why college students seek services: Mental health issues - 25 Learning/school issues - 15 Relationship issues - 5 Other - 5 What is the probability that if we pulled another student ...

College Physics
Two pucks traveling at each other collide and deflect at 30.0° angles from their original velocities. The mass of Puck B is 20% greater than the mass of Puck A. Before colliding, the pucks approach each other with momenta of equal magnitudes and opposite directions. After ...

College Physics
An electron in a television tube travels the 12 cm distance from the grid to the screen at an average speed of 7.00 107m/s. How long does the trip take?

I had to create some learning goals for a personal Finance course (I am pretending to teach. I have these learning goals that I need to make less ambiguous. Can you help me? Balance a checkbook Understanding the banking process Identify pros and cons of credit cards Assess ...

accounting,life science and history
What course can I do in college o university and career job can I persue after I've got my degree

College Algebra
Let f(x) = (2/4^x + 2) for real numbers x. Evaluate f(1/2001) + f(2/2001) + ... + f(2000/2001).

college algebra
the distance d in feet that an object travels after t seconds is the modeled by the formula d=16t^2, if you drive from a height of 128 feet how long will it take to hit the water?

college algebra
If the length of molding to create the frame is 84 inches. If the frame surrounding the picture is 3.5 inches wude and the length is 4 inches longer than the width?

College Algebra
Suppose that $6,400 is invested at 0.5% interest, compounded monthly. How much, to the nearest penny, is in the account after 7 years?

The batting averages of the first three batters in the Eureka College women’s softball team lineup are .310, .301, and .277. If the first three batters are considered as the “lead-off group”, what is the batting average of the group?

College Algebra
Eliminate t from the two equations x = vtcos(theta) ; y = vtsin(theta)􀀀-(gt^2/2) ; and obtain a relationship between x and y (assume that v; g and  are constants).

Social Studies
1: The government must provide some goods and services because A: they are too expensive for entrepreneurs to provide. B: demand for them is greater than supply. C: private producers have no incentive to do so. D: not many people are interested in buying them. Is the Answer C...

What is the warrant in this article? BOULDER, Colo. — JUST after Christmas, Veronica Rutledge of Blackfoot, Idaho, took her 2-year-old son to a Walmart store to spend holiday gift cards. As they strolled by the electronics section, according to news reports, the toddler ...

What is the claim, warrant, and grounds in this article? Smart Guns Save Lives. So Where Are They? BOULDER, Colo. — JUST after Christmas, Veronica Rutledge of Blackfoot, Idaho, took her 2-year-old son to a Walmart store to spend holiday gift cards. As they strolled by the ...

college chemistry
calculate the average kinetic energies of CH4 and N2 molecules at 273k and 546k

Of the following career paths, which is NOT likely to have an apprenticeship program? Electrician Carpenter Accountant Fire Fighter What is the main difference between a college and a university? Only universities offer 4-year degree programs Only colleges can be public or ...

Montgomery College has a 64-piece band and a 35-piece orchestra. If 14 people are members of both the band and the orchestra, can the band and orchestra travel in two 45-passenger buses?

From a survey of 100 college students, a marketing research company found that 70 students owned iPods, 50 owned cars, and 40 owned both cars and iPods. (a) How many students owned either a car or an iPod (but not both)?

A survey or college students collected information on several variables: distance from home, age, major, gender, and class. The variable major is A) neither categorical nor numerical B) categorical C) quantitative Please help :)

I have to answer the following questions and just need help finding the right place to look. Guess I am no posting the questions right because I get stuff that will not help me. 1. Why is it logical to write test items or assessments before producing instructional strategies? ...

which of the following are true statements about the qualifications of state legislature? a.senators must be at least 21 years old one without a college degree may be a legislature c.legislatures must be Georgia residents for at least 2 years d.legislatures may serve any ...

College Education and Business world success R. H. Bruskin Associates Market Research found that 40% of American do not think that having a college education is important to succeed in the business world. if a random sample of five Americans is selected, find these ...

chemistry college
At a constant temperature of 20oC and the partial pressure of 760 mmHg, the solubility of CO2 in water is 0.169g per 100mL. If the partial pressure is changed to 43,000 mmHg, what is the solubility of CO2?

college pre-calculus
4x^2+4y^2-16x-24y+51=0 is the equation of a circle. where is the center of the circle and what is it's radius? A. center (2,3) radius=1/4 B. center (2,3) radius=1/2 C. center (-2,-3) radius=1/4 D. center (-2,-3) radius=1/2

college pre-calculus
if 1-1/x=2-2/x, then 3-3/x=? A. -3 B. -1/3 C. 0 D. 1/3 E. 3 idek how to do it?

ap college pre-calculus
if 3abs(x+4)=8, then x=? A. {-10,2} B. {-2,2} C. {-19,11} D. {-22,-14} which one? idek

college pre-calculus
simplify: (y+1)(y/1-y^2) which answer: A. Y/y-1 B. y/1-y C. y+1/y-1 D. -1 this is what i got y+1/1* Y/1-y^2=-1

college pre-calculus
simplify: 6-y/6/1/6-1/y 6-y/6*6y/y-6= 6y/6=y Is this correct help i need help!! answers: A. -y B. y C. -6/y D. -1/y which one?

college pre-calculus
simplify: square root (4/3)-square root (3/4) A. 2-sqaure root(3)/2 square root (3) B. square root (7/12) C. square root (3)/6 D. 2/square root (3) which answer? this is what i got square root (16/12)- square root (9/12)= square root (7/12)

college pre-calculus help
simplify: 6-y/6/1/6-1/y 6-y/6*6y/y-6= 6y/6=y Is this correct help i need help!!

college chemistry
what major concepts makes chemistry useful in everday life?

U.S History
1. Which of these was a precedent that George Washington set? (5 points) a)constitutional amendment process b)formal presidential dinners c)singing of the national anthem d)use of a presidential cabinet 2. "The time for the new election of a citizen to be president of the ...

College Algebra
According to data from the National Vital Statistics Report, the marriage rate (marriages per 1000) can be described by y=-0.146x+11.074, where x is the number of years after 1980. For what years does this model indicate that the marriage rate was above 9 marriages per 1000? ...

College Algebra
A pharmacist wants to mix two solutions to obtain 100 cc of a solution that has an 8% concentration of a certain medicine. If one solution has a 10% concentration of the medicine and the second has a 5% concentration, how much od each of these solutions should she mix? I am ...

college chemistry
a solution of CH4N2O in water has a vapor pressure of 19.6 torr. at 25C. what is the mole fraction of CH4N2O in this solution? HELP ME WATER PURE PRESSURE (P0) IS 23.8 TORR VAPOR PRESSURE IS 19.6 TORR DONT KNOW HOW TO SOLVE IT ? P(SOLUTION)= X (CH4N2O) WATER (PURE PRESSUR

Some might suggest that the Constitution favoured placing power in the hands of economic elites. Which of the following does NOT fit this argument? A. The Electoral College B. The election of senators C. The Tenth Amendment D. The presidential veto I think D-don't think this ...

college pre-calculus
what is the equation of lowest degree with real coefficients if two of its roots are -1 and 1+i? A. x^3+x^2+2=0 B. x^-x^2-2=0 C. x^3-x+2=0 D. x^3-x^2+2=0 e. none of the above i don't get it is it (x+1) (1+i)

a solution is prepared by mixing 50.0 mL toluene (C6H5CH3 d=0.867 g/mL) with 125 mL Benzene (C6H6 d=0.874 g/mL). assuming that the volumes add upon mixing, calculate the mass percent, mole fraction, molality, and molarity of the toluene.

college chemistry
a solution is made by dissolving 25 g NaCl in enough water to make 1.0 L solution. Assume that density of the solution is 1.0 g/mL. calculate the mass percent, molarity, molality, and mole fraction of NaCl.

The cost of the Iraq War, as of June 2009, equals: A. Giving 32 million four-year college scholarships B. enrolling more than 100 children in Head Start programs C. building 5 million new public-housing units D. either A or B is correct The books says that 114 million kids in ...

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