1. Managerial finance
    Your company contemplates buying a computer based inventory management system for 200 000. It will depreciated on a straight line basis to zero over its 4 year life span, when it will be sold for 30 000. the system will save the firm 60 000 pre-tax (EBIT) per annum in ...
  2. Business finance
    14-26 as a member of the finance Department of Ranch Manufacturing, your boss has asked you to compute the appropriate discount rate to use when evaluating the purchase of new packaging equipment for the plant. Under the assumption that the firm’s present capital ...
  3. Finance
    You find the following Treasury bond quote. To calculate the number of years until maturity, assume that it is currently May 2016. The bonds have a par value of $1,000. Rate Maturity Mo/YR Bid price Ask price Chg Ask Yld 5.374 May 30 104.4991 104.6448 +.4329 ?? In the above ...
  4. Finance
    You have arranged for a loan on your new car that will require the first payment today. The loan is for $38,500, and the monthly payments are $690. If the loan will be paid off over the next 69 months, what is the APR of the loan? (Do not round intermediate calculations and ...
  5. Maths (money and finance)
    The cash price for the Teledex Component System with a dvd is 1999.95 .If you buy the system on hire purchase you must pay a deposit of 200.00 and an instalment of 91.00 per month for 24 months Calculate: (a)The total amount you would pay for the system on hire purchase? (b)...
  6. Maths (money and finance)
    Roy invests 2500 in a building society .at an annual rate 9% compound interest.He wants to know how much his money will be worth in 3 years time.??
  7. Finance
    Tater and Pepper Corp. reported free cash flows for 2015 of $54.1 million and investment in operating capital of $37.1 million. Tater and Pepper incurred $15.1 million in depreciation expense and paid $20.1 million in taxes on EBIT in 2015. Calculate Tater and Pepper’s ...
  8. Finance
    Personal Finance school can you check my answers? 1. The two components of are variable costs and fixed costs. Entire cost Total cost* Complete cost Required cost 2. What is the margin of safety? How much sales can fall before a business starts making less 5% profit How much ...
  9. math
    Liz finances a piano for $3,080 by taking out an installment loan for 60 months. The payments were $82.13 per month and the total finance charge was $1,847.80. After 24 months, Liz decided to pay off the loan. After calculating the finance charge rebate, find her loan payoff. ...
  10. math
    A bank offers a 24-month installment loan with an APR of 10%. Alicia wishes to use the loan to finance a sailplane for $42,800. After first using Table 13-1 to find the finance charge, calculate the monthly payment.
  11. Advanced Algebra
    Chevy and Judith are purchasing a townhouse and finance $154,200 with a 30 year 5/3 ARM at 6.45% with a 4/13 cap structure what will their payments be at the beginning of the 6th year assuming they are charged maximum interest rate for that year? a. 907.11 b. 1356.97 c. 969.58...
  12. Finance Math
    Maggie Vitteta, single, works 40 hours per week at $13 an hour. How much is taken out for federal income tax with one withholding exemption? (Assume the overtime for each employee is a time-and-a-half rate after 40 hours.) (Round your answer to the nearest cent.)
  13. Finance Math
    Rhonda Brennan found her first job after graduating from college through the classifieds of the Miami Herald. She was delighted when the offer came through at $22.00 per hour. She completed her W-4 stating that she is married with a child and claims an allowance of 3. Her ...
  14. Personal Finance-1 question
    Hi, I have a question about personal finance. So I know that a liquid investment is an investment that is easy to turn into cash, and an illiquid investment is one that is hard to turn into cash. But I need an example of a partially-liquid investment. I have an example of an ...
  15. finance
    8. Suppose your Master Card Charges an APR of 16.5%. Your previous statement showed a balance of $600, you made a payment of $200. You then bought $350 worth of electronics, which you charged on your Master Card. Let’s make a spreadsheet a. Suppose in the second month you ...
  16. finance
    You have a credit card with an APR of 24%. The minimum payment is 5% of the outstanding balance (but no less than $20). Suppose you have $2000 on the card and you decide to stop charging and pay it off using the minimum payment each month. Use a spreadsheet a. Now bring this ...
  17. finance
    You would like to buy a Mazda Miata Convertible for a purchase price of $27,500. You will take out a loan for the entire amount. a. You have excellent credit so you can secure a loan at 5% APR for 3 years. What is your monthly payment? How much will you pay in interest if you...
  18. finance
    4. Alternatively you decide the most you can afford in a monthly payment for a home is $750. You plan on taking out a 30 year loan for 4%. How much can you borrow? What is the total amount of home you can afford? (assume the $20000 down payment listed above)
  19. Math
    Sheila bought a new computer for $2000 and has agreed to finance it at 12% interest with a $100 payments each month. When she makes her first payment next month, how much will she pay for interest alone?
  20. Finance Math
    Jason Bradley’s uncle, Maurice, is buying a $248,500 home in Mississippi. His mortgage lender requires a 20% down payment and will finance the remainder for 30 years at 5%. Closing costs will be 1% origination fee, 1 ¼ point, mortgage insurance premium of $2,400. Other loan...
  21. Finance Math
    Tristan Sandino was given a 20-year bond when he was twelve years old and would like to sell it on his 21st birthday. The bond has a coupon rate of 4.8% and was purchased for $580. Tristan receives interest checks every six months. If Tristan sells the bond for $1,040, less ...
  22. Finance Math
    Sweets Bakery makes fat-free cookies that cost $1.70 each to prepare. Sweets expects 20% of the cookies to be imperfect. Sweets wants a 40% markup on cost and produces 150 cookies. Assume that Sweets can sell the broken cookies for $1.60 each. What should Sweets charge for ...
  23. Finance Math
    Wholesale Distributors sells to its contractors with a 42% markup on cost. If the selling price for cabinets is $9,182, what is the cost to contractors based on cost? (Round your answer to the nearest cent.)
  24. Finance Math
    Icelandic skis are marked up 75% on cost. What is the equivalent rate of markup based on selling price?
  25. Finance Math
    Miguel purchased a $51,000 RV for the family. The dealer told Miguel that there is a 30 percent markup on selling price for this type of vehicle. a.) What was the amount of the dealer’s markup? b.) What was the dealer’s original cost?
  26. Finance Math
    Jose’, store manager for SportsHaven, does not know how to price a GE freezer that cost the store $580. Jose’ knows his boss wants a 25% markup on selling price. How much should Jose’ price the freezer?
  27. Finance
    Real and nominal rates interest   Zane Perelli currently has ​$120 that he can spend today on polo shirts costing $ 30 each. ​ Alternatively, he could invest the ​$120 in a​ risk-free U.S. Treasury security that is expected to earn a  13​% nominal rate of ...
  28. Finance
    Currently the risk-free rate equals 5% and the expected return on the market portfolio equals 11%. An investment analyst provides you with the following information: Stock beta Expected return A 1.33 12% B 0.7 10% C 1.5 14% D 0.66 9% Required: 1. Indicate whether each stock is...
  29. Finance
    ABC Mining is evaluating the introduction of a new ore production process. Two alter¬natives are available. Production Process A has an initial cost of $25,000, a 4-year life, and a $5,000 net salvage value, and the use of Process A will increase net cash flow by $13,000 per ...
  30. Finance Math
    Maytag Company earns $4.80 per share. Today the stock is trading at $59.25. The company pays an annual dividend of $1.40. Calculate (a) the price-earnings ratio (round to the nearest whole number) and (b) the yield on the stock (to the nearest tenth percent)
  31. Finance Math
    Rafael Sandino’s parents are in their retirement years. They just received $501,000 after taxes from the sale of their vacation home and decided to invest the money in a bond mutual fund. They chose a no-load mutual fund that yields 6%. a) How much will they receive each ...
  32. Finance Math
    A copy machine cost $2,990, after a discount of 30/12/5. What was the original list price of this machine?
  33. Finance
    ABC Mining is evaluating the introduction of a new ore production process. Two alter¬natives are available. Production Process A has an initial cost of $25,000, a 4-year life, and a $5,000 net salvage value, and the use of Process A will increase net cash flow by $13,000 per ...
  34. Finance
    California Mining is evaluating the introduction of new ore production process. Two alternatives are available, Production Process A has an initial cost of $25,000, a 4-year life, and a $5,000 net salvage value, and the use of Process A will increase net cash flow by $13,000 ...
  35. Finance Math
    A survey was taken asking people which soft drink they preferred…Brite or Fuzz. 326 people reported preferring Fuzz. The people who liked Fuzz represented 23 less than 1/5 of the total people surveyed. How many people were surveyed?
  36. Finance Math
    The Bon Appetit Bakery makes 4 ½ times as much revenue on donuts as muffins. If total sales were $44,000 for May, what dollar amount of each was sold?
  37. Finance Math
    Yesterday, Castle Mountain Fashions had seven less than three-fourths of its sales transactions paid for by credit cards. If 209 transactions were charged, how many total transactions took place?
  38. Finance Math
    Quicken Loans reports a 30-year fixed rate mortgage at 4.9%, a 20-year mortgage at 4.75% and a and a 15-year mortgage at 4.50%. If you want to finance a $218,000 home, how much interest will you save if you refinance your loan for 15 years compared to 30 years?
  39. Finance
    1. What is an entrepreneur? (1 point) a sole proprietorship a corporation one who opens a new business a bank that loans money 2. Which of the following is the best definition of probable operating costs? (1 point) Amount of money required to start a business Amount of money ...
  40. Finance Math
    Mortgage lenders base the mortgage interest rate they offer you on your credit rating. This makes it financially critical to maintain a credit score of 700 or higher. How much more interest would you pay on a $194,000 home if you put 30% down and financed the remaining amount ...
  41. Finance Math
    Oprah Winfrey has closed on a 42-acre estate near Santa Barbara, California, for $50,000,000. If Oprah puts 20% down and finances at 7% for 30 years, what would her monthly payment be?
  42. Finance Math
    Oprah Winfrey has closed on a 42-acre estate near Santa Barbara, California, for $50,000,000. If Oprah puts 20% down and finances at 7% for 30 years, what would her monthly payment be?
  43. Finance Math
    Daniel and Jan agreed to pay $560,000 for a four-bedroom colonial home in Waltham, Mass., with $60,000 down payment. They have a 30-year mortgage at a fixed rate of 6.00%. (a) How much is their monthly payment? (b) After the first payment, what would be the balance of the ...
  44. Finance Math
    You buy furniture for $700. The retailer finances the entire amount for one year and says you will be charged 9% interest. The retailer uses the add-on method. Assuming your first monthly payment is due in one month, calculate the real annual rate you will pay.
  45. Finance Math
    In 4 years, your son will be entering college and you would like to help financially. You decide to create a college fund and make four annual deposits, starting now. In four years, you would like your son to be able to make four annual withdrawals of $7,500 from the fund (at ...
  46. Finance Math
    Jennifer just turned 23 and can save $500 per quarter, starting in three months. If Jennifer can earn 7% compounded quarterly, what age will she be when she accumulates $1,000,000?
  47. Finance Math
    1. Your average daily balance on your charge card for the month of July is $855.28. If your card carries an annual interest rate of 15.4%, what will your finance charge be for July? 2. You buy a car from your neighbor at a price of $9,000. You pay $500 down and pay 9.5% on the...
  48. Math
    Suppose you buy a home and finance $255,000 at $2,293.17 per month for 30 years. What is the amount of interest paid? (Round your answer to the nearest cent.)
  49. Social Studies
    What is the importance of modern business in Georgia? (2 points) a. They are always found in shopping centers. b. They are always in finance and insurance c. They drive Georgia's economy*** d. They provide jobs***
  50. Social Studies
    How can personal finance decisions affect the economy? (3 points) a. Saving puts less of your money into the economy*** b. Spending your money doesn't put money into the economy. c. investing your money can aid businesses and services *** d. Widespread credit issues will ...
  51. Finance
    Compute the price of a $ 6,775 par value, 16 percent coupon consol, or perpetual bond (i.e., coupon interest payment is a perpetuity), assuming that the yield to maturity on the bond is 8 percent. Please explain
  52. finance
    Megan has $500 in short-term savings, $5,000 in her retirement savings account, $500 in credit card debt, and student loan debt of $6,500. Assuming that these are all of Megan's assets and liabilities, what is Megan's net worth?
  53. math
    Christina finances a piano for $3,070 by taking out an installment loan for 24 months. The payments were $153.50 per month and the total finance charge was $614. After 14 months, Christina decided to pay off the loan. After calculating the finance charge rebate, find her loan ...
  54. please check--intro to finance
    ______ is the price a firm paid to acquire an asset. a) book value b) market value c) markup price d) fair value --------- My answer is B. market value
  55. Introduction to Finance
    I just need help with these two questions: 1. The difference between the historic price a firm paid and its going price among current buyers and sellers is the difference between its a) market value and depreciation b) book value and depreciation c) market value and intrinsic ...
  56. personal finance
    John T. works on the assembly line at an automobile factory. One day he falls off the roof of his house while cleaning the gutters and injures his back. He learns he will be off his job for almost a year while his back heals. Which of the following insurance will he need to ...
  57. math
    Ray owns a gym and he needs equipment for a new workout class. He has two different options: • Lease equipment for $1100 per month. • Purchase new equipment for $24 000 which he will finance with a bank loan that charges an interest rate of 7.1%, compounded monthly. He ...
  58. intro to finance
    which is an example of a n ethical dilemma? an investment bank chooses to earn the biggest profit possible even though it hurts the clients a firm will not hire or retain you unless the value of yoru contributions is greater than your cost an investment bank chooses to look ...
  59. Finance
    Which of the following is not an example of a problem explained by agency theory? a) a manager encounters a conflict of interest between their responsibilities to shareholders and their responsibilities to employees. b)a manager protects her own job rather than the shareholder...
  60. finance
    Management provides the current balance sheet below. In planning for next year they are making the following assumptions Sales will increase by 50% Net income is projected to be $1,770 The plan will require an addition to PPE of $2,500 The firm pays a dividend 26% Calculate ...
  61. Finance
    The X Bank is a commercial bank that mainly engage in taking deposits and makes loans to corporations. The deposit attracted at the end of year 2017 is $ 100 Million SGD, and the deposit is expected to rise by 10% until 2022. The current deposit rate is 0.5% above LIBOR. X ...
  62. History
    What impact did World War I have on Russia? a.Russia’s territorial losses in the Baltic region led it to sign the Versailles Treaty to end its involvement. b.Russia’s high casualty rate led Czar Nicholas II to abandon the war effort to save civilian lives. c.Russia’s ...
  63. performance management
    hello, i am a fresh graduate of finance, i was hired by a company, the manager put me on the position of performance management , which i have no idea. later we will have a first meeting, and my boss ask me to present my work plan/ideas for performance management.i really have...
  64. business finance
    it is the policy of Beaj ltd to replace its vehicle after 5 years. the market value of a vehicle due for replacement is estimated to be $20000. a new vehicle to replace it is quoted as $78000. the money cost of capital is 25%. the acquisition of the new vehicle will lead to ...
  65. college finance
    Edward's Manufactured Homes purchased some machinery 2 years ago for $50,000. The assets are classified as 5-year property for MACRS. The company is replacing this machinery today with newer machines that utilize the latest in technology. The old machines are being sold for $...
  66. college finance
    You are considering two independent projects that have differing requirements. Project A has a required return of 12 percent compared to Project B’s required return of 13.5 percent. Project A costs $75,000 and has cash flows of $21,000, $49,000, and $12,000 for Years 1 to 3...
  67. finance
    Issue common stock of rm50 per share with dividend yield of 5% Growth rate =6% Tax rate= 40%
  68. Finance
    Prefered share 30 millions Issue 8% prefered stocks at rm 40 per share with par value of rm 100. The floatation cost is 10% of the selling price . The companys growth rate is 6% and tax rate is 40% . What's after tax cost of preferred stock ?
  69. finance
    Bonds rm 50 millions Issue bond with selling price of rm 1250 @ 16% interest annually . The bond will mature in 20 years and the issuance cost is rm 50
  70. Finance
    The Evanec Company’s next expected dividend, D_1, is $3.18; its growth rate is 6%; and its common stock now sells for $36.00. New stock (external equity) can be sold to net $32.40 per share. What is Evanec’s cost of retained earnings, r_s? What is Evanec’s percentage ...
  71. business finance
    a company intends to raise finance through the issue of 15% $200 corporate bond redeemable in 15 years. what is the fair value of the bond to an investor with an expected rate of return of 18%?
  72. finance
    Suppose you obtain a $3,000 T-note with a 3% annual rate, paid quarterly, with maturity in 5 years. How much interest will you earn?
  73. Finance
    Variable rate loans typically have a 1)________ interest rate than fixed rate loans because with variable rate loans, the borrower assumes the risk that the interest rate might 2)_________. a. Higher, Increase b. Lower, Increase c. Higher, Decrease d. Lower, Decrease I pick c.
  74. World History
    Which best describes Karl Marx’s viewpoint on capitalism and the emergence of communism? The government should exist to support private business and the import and export of goods. The bourgeoisie will overthrow the proletariat due to inequalities, resulting in a classless ...
  75. Finance
    Assume that Jocelyn is comparing two fixed-rate loan options, a 15 year and a 30 year mortgage. Both options have the same interest rate and amount borrowed. The 30 year, when compared to the 15 year loan will have a 1)_____________ monthly payment and a 2)___________ total ...
  76. business finance
    a 15 year constant cash flow of $1200 starts from today. i. what is the present value if the ruling interest is 20%? ii. what would be the present value if the cash flow were to start at the beginning of year 3?
  77. English/Grammar Tutor Please !!!!!!!!!
    As the public uproar over generic drug and off-patent, off-exclusivity branded drug price gouging heightens, state experts and patient activists in Maryland are lobbying for politicians to implement a law that would prohibit price gouging of important off-patent non-brand ...
  78. business finance
    A man's bank has offered him a loan of $20000 payable within the year at an annual interest rate of 24%. Calculate the monthly equal payment to defray both the principal and interest payment. Prepare a loan repayment schedule segregating interest from the principal.
  79. Finance
    Fox Hollow Franks is looking at a new system with an installed cost of $540,000. This equipment is depreciated at a rate of 20 percent per year (Class 8) over the project’s five-year life, at the end of which the sausage system can be sold for $80,000. The sausage system ...
  80. Finance
    Caradoc Machine Shop is considering a four-year project to improve its production efficiency. Buying a new machine press for $410,000 is estimated to result in $150,000 in annual pre-tax cost savings. The press falls into Class 8 for CCA purposes (CCA rate of 20 percent per ...
  81. Check Work Please ✔
    As public uproar over generic drug and off-patent, off-exclusivity branded drug price gouging heightens, state experts and patient activists in Maryland are lobbying for politicians to implement a law that would prohibits price gouging of important off-patent non-brand drugs. ...
  82. Grammar
    Finance, Health, and Government Operations made amendments and voted according, the bill -House Committee Health and Government Vote - House - Committee - Health and Government Operations, Vote - Senate - Committee – Finance, Vote - House Floor - Third Reading Passed (137-4...
  83. business finance
    a staunch christian has willed an amount of $5500 to be paid annually forever to the bible house. At 91 day treasury bill rate of 12%, what is the present value of the donation if payment starts; at the end of the year at the beginning of the year at the end of five years
  84. business finance
    in five years time you will require $150000 to pursue a degree in university. you currently have $75000. at a bank rate 14% can you have the sufficient funds to achieve your ambition? ii. at what interest rate will you just be able to obtain the exact sum to finance your ...
  85. business finance
    your dream car cost $100000 in four years time to purchase. you won a lottery of $65000. can your lottery sum buy you the car should you invest in 90 day 11% treasury bill?
  86. English/Writing Help Please?
    Help with sentence structure.... In a response to the uproar on January 30, 2017 legislation presented the House with the HB 631 bill which will forbid a wholesale distributor from increasing a price on vital medication, under definite statuses. Stages of bill hearing,votes, ...
  87. English
    Help Putting in sentences Please!. Vote - Senate - Committee – Finance, Vote - House Floor - Third Reading Passed (137-4) – March 17, 2017, Vote - House Floor - Third Reading Passed (137-2) – April 02, 2017, Vote - Senate Floor - Floor Amendment {683326/1 (Senator ...
  88. math
    You purchase a computer for $875.00 plus 5% sales tax. You decide to finance it through the store's 0% program for 12 months. The terms state you pay nothing until the 12 months are over. When you receive the bill, you forget to pay it and are assessed a late fee of $39.00 ...
  89. Finance
    Meredith is stuck in the airport on a long layover while traveling for work. She sees two Wi-Fi’s she can log onto: one says Airport Wi-Fi and the other says Free Airport Wi-Fi. She needs to sign on and pay some bills. Which Wi-Fi option should she choose? a.neither until ...
  90. Finance
    Which one of the following account login credentials (username and password) is most important to keep secure? a.Primary Email account b.Credit Card website c.401(k) website d.Bank website e.Mortgage website I pick d Because this is where all your money is kept.
  91. Finance
    What does In-Private (or Incognito) browsing do? keeps your browsing completely hidden from everyone. b.It hides your IP address from the sites you visit. c.It allows the storage of some cookies and internet files so that webpages will still work correctly, but at the end...
  92. Finance
    Which of the following would be considered the highest risk portfolio? A. A portfolio made up of 20% savings accounts, 50% mutual funds, and 30% bonds. B.A portfolio made up of 40% mutual funds, 40% Treasury bonds, and 10% stocks. c.A portfolio made up of 60% stocks, 30% ...
  93. Finance
    THe dumonts take- home pay ( after deductions for taxes and benefits ) is approximately $6045 monthly. currently nonmortgage debt payments equal $911 (i.e, $405 auto, $100 miscellaneous credit, $196 student loan, and $210 furniture). calculate and interpret their debt ratio. ...
  94. Finance
    Hello. I need to find the market values of debt and equity for a company. The company is fictitious, so I cannot pull up any real market data for it. I have the book value of stockholder's equity as $36,231, and I know that the Debt to Equity Ratio is 60.4%. How can I extract ...
  95. Math
    The manager of a manufacturing company knows that they will need a new machine in one of their factories. The new machine will cost them $13,700. The manager has determined that they can afford to pay 10% of the cost of the machine in cash. They can then finance the rest ...
  96. Math
    Bella borrowed rupees 25000 from a finance company to start a boutique at 20% per annum compounded half yearly what amount of money will clear her debt after 3/2 years
  97. Math
    Tabitha opens a credit card in which the minimum payment is 13%. Her current balance is $1,450, not including the finance charge, and the APR is 14.5%. Assuming she makes a payment of $500 this month, how much will the minimum monthly payment be for the next month? .145/12=....
  98. Finance
    You have just started your first job and you want to have the basic appliances (fridge, washer, dryer, etc.) in your apartment. You face the following choices: (i) Purchase all appliances at the store using a bank loan. There is no down payment as the bank can take your ...
  99. finance
    Stock A is expected to provide a dividend of $10 per share forever. Stock B is expected to pay a dividend of $5 next year, after which dividends are expected to grow forever at 5.4%. finally, stock C is expected to pay a dividend of $2 in two years after which dividend growth ...
  100. Finance
    I need to know the formula for finding the 'lost sales'. I'm given the following information. a. New Output b. Lost Output (Construction) c. New Sales d. New Gross Margin e. New Gross Profit f. Old Output g. Old Sales h. Old Gross Profit i. Incremental Gross Profit I thought ...
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