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business econ
What is the break even in units? Bottle, Label and Production (direct material and labor) = $9.12 per 12 oz. can Advertising & promotion (fixed) = $218,000 Company Overhead (fixed) = $354,000 Formula I'm using: Breakeven in units (BEU)= total fixed cost / (unit price – unit ...

Complete predicates ,Mr.sanders traveled to Sacramento for a business meeting

compare and contrast Rational (formal) model for strategy- emergent strategy

compare and contrast Rational (formal) model for strategy- emergent strategy

compare and contrast Rational (formal) model for strategy- emergent strategy

Business communication
A final notice collection letter from an appliance manufacturer to an appliance dealer, sent 10 days before initiation of legal collection procedures. Who is the audience?

business mathematics
the maturity value of a $20,000, 7%, 75-day interest-bearing note dated september 10 is?

Name two ways that the federal government tried to regulate business in the late 1800s. Do you think these regulations achieved their goals? Explain your answer

U.S. History
How did the mining industry and the growth of ranching and farming contribute to the development of the West? A: The mining industry lured thousands of people into areas previously ignored as wilderness. The growth of ranching and farming also brought hordes of people into the...

Could someone help me rephrase this sentence please? In fact, the MIS course, it is something I am going to take seriously, it is going to help me learn more about technology, and I will be able to use my knowledge when I open my own business.

Your parents own their own business and they do very well financially. They are very independent and take responsibility for all their own business and personal costs. based on this information which political party are your parents a member of? My answer is Republican Party

A business opportunity has presented itself to you and one of your classmates. Your opportunity is to enter the fast growing craft beer industry. Your projected sales in the first year is 8300 kegs. Your projected growth rate is 5 percent. Entering the business will require $...

Criminal Justice/White Collar Crime
Certain industries are distinguished by means and opportunities that are conducive to crime. These factors include all of the following EXCEPT: A. large amounts of money changing hands. B. individual decision-making. C. public attention on business activities of industry. D. ...

Business Math
You are the manager of World Wide Athlete, a chain of six sporting goods shops in your area. The shops sell 12 racing bikes per week at a retail price of $679.99. Recently, you put the bikes on sale at $599.99. At the sale price, 15 bikes were sold during the one-week sale. 1...

Your professinal image
The key to maintaining a strong self-esteem is A. being able to bounce back quickly from disappointments. B. not pursuing something once you've failed at it. C. telling yourself repeatedly that you're better than others. D. never allowing it to go up or down but remain steady...

in 2009 Nokia decided to move from Germany ro Romania and then to china . in this question we need to decide whether it's ethical or not.or if it's just a business decision . i have been reading and and saw articales that support my opinion . i believe it was unethical ...

How did President Theodore Roosevelt put his progressive activism to work toward big business, conservation, and international affairs?

maths lit, economics,business, CAT
What career can this subjects offer?

Business Math
You are the manager of World Wide Athlete, a chain of six sporting goods shops in your area. The shops sell 12 racing bikes per week at a retail price of $679.99. Recently, you put the bikes on sale at $599.99. At the sale price, 15 bikes were sold during the one-week sale. 1...

use comma before the conjunction in a compound sentence. If two parts of a compound sentence are not joined by a conjunction,use a semicolon to separate the parts. rewrite the passage below, correcting all capitalization and punctuation mistakes. Combine any sentences you find...

Business Statistics
The quality control manager at a light bulb factory needs to estimate the mean life of a large shipment of light bulbs. The manufacturer's specifications are that the standard deviations is 100 hours. A random sample of 64 light bulbs indicated a sample mean life of 350 hours.

Business Management 1000
My assignment was worded oddly and I was just hoping someone can provide clarification for me. I am wondering if my ENTIRE paper needs to be in APA format (which would be odd for 2-3 pg. requirement) or if just the SOURCES need to be in APA Format (in which case, what is the ...

Tourism,business studies,maths literacy
What kind of job can i get for choosing maths literacy tourism,cat,business studies

Business statistics
The lifetimes of Triple X TV Tubes are approximately normally distributed with mean 13.2 years and standard deviation 3.5 years. Consider the distribution of sample means for all samples of 100 Triple X TV tubes. Part A What is the standard error, to two decimal places, of the...

Hello! I'm taking a test for my business class and I'm having trouble with these questions. If someone could check my answers I would really appreciate it! Thank you! 6. Asking yourself "What can I do to build a loyal customer base?" is an example of A. creativity. &#...

I took a test for my business class and I'm having trouble with these questions. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you! 5.Jim is beginning his research on franchise businesses in order to find one that meets his needs. A quick, easy way to get general information is to A. ...

Business connections
Business Connections 07003200 4 1. If you were at a neighborhood party, _______ would be very much like networking. A. hosting C. toasting B. mingling D. interrogating 2. You've joined the American Emu Association and have arrived at its annual conference.You see a man ...

Business connections
you've joined the American Emu Association and have arrived at its annual conference. You see a man standing off to the side and decide to practice your networking skills on him. What is the best way to make contact?

Brianna is organizing a group of staff from her engineering company to provide Saturday afternoon tutoring for students at the nearby middle school. In order for her group of staff to remain stable, what is the optimal number of people she should recruit to help? a- 7 b-5 c-3 ...

Is your work place an example of a primary or secondary group?

Explain how competition among businesses can influence a marketplace? please help.

Magoni secondary school
accounting. economic. business studies n maths literacy if am doing those subject wch career can l get plz help me

Lauren wants to purchase custom-made bumper stickers to advertise her business. Two websites offer different deals: Website A: Pay a fee of $80.00, plus $0.35 per bumper sticker or Website B: Pay a fee of $49.25, plus $0.50 per bumper sticker Website B is the cheaper option if...

Vezilwazi secondary school
I'm in grade10 and I'm doing Life Science,Maths.L,Business and Tourism........I want to be a Nurse it is Possible for meh to be that???? Help! My Number 0714410106

11.) A company produces a product for which the variable cost is $12.30 per unit and the fixed costs are $98,000. The product sells for $17.98. Let x be the number of units produced and sold. a.) the total cost for a business is th sum of the variable cost and the fixed costs...

economics maths lit business studies tourism
What will i do with these subject maths lit tourism business studies economic

Business Managment
I just want to know if these are right and if not, which ones I got wrong. 1.Based on a _______ statement, a company sets long-term _______ mutually agreed on by workers and management and, from these, sets specific, short-term _______. A. vision; goals; objectives B. mission...

Snethezekile High School
History,Economics,Tourism,Business Studies,Math Lits What course Can A grade 11 Learner Choose When Doing This Subjects?

business mathematics
a prominent local politician for lusaka central constituency,and as his campaign manager, you need to decide how to promote the candidate. there are three ways you can you can do so: you can send glossy, full-color flyers to registered voters of the constituency,you can also ...

microsoft 2013
10. David has a small business and is working on an Excel worksheet to help manage his inventory. David realizes cell E14 has the wrong output. To check the problem, David should first select cell E14 and look at the _______ to check the formula. A. range B. Formula bar C. ...

Ebhs,maths,siswati,english and business studies
I am frank,i have 4 credits with me namely,maths,siswati,business studies and english,am asking what courses i can take

entrepreneurship 1
If you would be an entrepreneur what business would u like to own? what would be some concepts or what you would do. i'm trying to create a company but i don't know what i should do whether cleaning service, construction service etc, so i'm wondering what you would do??

Quality openings typically exhibit the following components: SCENARIO: told in the 3rd person-even if t happened to you-- that connects creatively to the essay's central idea; instead of "I," use appositives to describe yourself ; a disinterested teenager, an aspiring gymnast...

what are the essential lessons to be gleaned from these writings? what does President Obama's speech mean to you? what about Bill Maxwell article? I'm suppose to write a lyceum for my first year seminar class using this topic based off the president speech to the NAACP at ...

Maths literacy.Geography.Business Studies.Life Orientation and Languages
Can i did agriculture and Environmental science on those subjects?

Computer science
need help how do this program. Use the top-down modular approach and pseudocode to design a suitable program to solve it. Alberta Einstein teaches a business class at Podunk University. To evaluate the students in this class, she has given three tests. It is now the end of the...

business math
Calculators cost the manufacturer $2.16 each to produce. If a markup of $2.16 is added to the cost,whatbis the selling price

C10; Introduction to Computers Assignment 8; Business Consulting Remember Bill? He was the gentleman that you helped to start up his business in week 4. Well his business is doing well, but he has come to you with some questions and concerns. You discuss each of these with ...

Multiple Choice 1.   What is the main advantage of using money instead of bartering?  (1 point) Many more people today use money than bartering to get goods and services. Not all countries use the same types of money in their economies. Money comes in many different values...

I posted this under business the first time and got no answer so since its more mathematical here it is again: I can only put away $1,000 a year toward retirement. I am 22 and plan on retiring at 65 and earning 6%. How much will I have at retirement? Not positive the answer I ...

Maths lit,economics,business studies,tourism
Teachers say ''tourism is like Life Orientation at Varsity'' so next year i will no longer exist. What will i do and other learners,please help?

I can only put away $1,000 a year toward retirement. I am 22 and plan on retiring at 65 and earning 6%. How much will I have at retirement? Not positive the answer I got is answer is $464,215.00

) Which of the following industries most likely originated the business-speak term "bandwidth"? A. Finance B. Real Estate C. Technology D. Health care I think the answer is C. Can someone please check my answer?

corporate taxation
zb bhd, carrying on a share brokering business, was incorporated and has its head office in kuala lumpur. its representative residing in korea acted for some malaysian clients in the purchase and sale of shares in korea companies quoted on the stock exchange there. the ...

1. United Nations, 310, 314, 362 charter of, 311 Declaration of, 309 United States, 225, 238, 275, 289 in Big Four, 322, 325-7 in League of Nations, 299 Lend-Lease policy of, 307 Neutrality of, 305 as United Nations sponsor, 313 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 316 “...

PLEASE HELP!! I NEED TO TURN IT IN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! THANK YOU!! Question 1: Day: Monday To: Nominees From: Your Principal Concerning: Rules of Election 1. Everyone running for office must prepare a 3-minute speech that will be recorded for presentation to the entire ...

1. United Nations, 310, 314, 362 charter of, 311 Declaration of, 309 United States, 225, 238, 275, 289 in Big Four, 322, 325-7 in League of Nations, 299 Lend-Lease policy of, 307 Neutrality of, 305 as United Nations sponsor, 313 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 316 “...

Maths pure, economics, business studies, geography
Which careers or courses i should do doing those subjects

Mathematics , business studies , economics , geography
Which courses or careers i should follow doing those subjects

What are the most popular and reliable shopping sites on line?

Maths Lit, Accounting, Economics, Business Studies
I am a grade 10 learner doing Maths Literacy, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Life Orientation, English and Afrikaans I want to know what Degree I can study in University and also to check what career path I would be able to do.

business ethics and leadership
discuss how advertising become ethical?

Life orentation,maths,physics,business,geography
Explain three ways in wich you can help to adress poverty and aids in s.a

Living Waters private school
Can I choose Human resource or safety officer when am doing maths literacy, economic,business and tourism

thuto lefa high school
I'm doing business, economics, history and maths literacy, I just want to know what. career must i do

Object Oriented Analysis and Design
3. As the head of information system, you are tasked with developing a new Client Technology Tracking System (CTTS). Coastline Systems Consulting is a provider of managed computer networks and web services located in Destin, Florida. The staff of seven IT technicians, web ...

economic,business studies,geography and mathematical literacy
what kind of a career should i persue with this subjects

Accounting,business studies,economics,math literacy
What kind of job can i get ?

Business Stats
The average life expectancy of Canadian women is 75 years, and is normally distributed. The standard deviation is known to be 7 years. If a random sample od 49 women is taken, what is the probability that the average age of the sample of women is: Between 73.5 and 76 years? ...

accounting,economics,maths lit and business studies
which career can i choose if i'm doing this career,help me please

A model of a rectangular patio at a landscaping business will be enlarged by a scale factor of 2 when it is installed in a customer’s back yard. The area of the new enlarged patio will be 160 square feet. What is the area of the landscaper’s model?

billing and coding
which of the following will you place below the returned address of a business envolope

Snethezekile High School
Maths lit,History,Economics,Business Studies,Tourism Which careers must a person focuss on when doing these subjects?

The formula Total cost = Cost + Shipping cost + Holding cost is used to find the total cost of a business asset. The formula can be written in symbols as T=C+S+H. Solve the formula for C, the cost of the asset.


what are the course can I study with maths literacy, accounting, business studies and economics

Strandfontein S.S.S.
I would like to know some option of careers i can do with following subjects including to become an air hostess pls? My June 2015 results is as follow but my percentages were higher for 1st term and i dropped between 5% - 9% in all subjects English 71% Afrikaans 59% Life ...

Thukela secondary
tourism,maths lite,economic and business studies what i become if am doing this subject at schooltourism,economics,business studies and maths literacy

Thukela secondary
if i do tourism,maths lite,business studies,economics what jobs do i get

small business management
An Internet search for information about franchise businesses will not help you find out A. the number of hours you'll have to put in. B. start-up costs. C. the variety of franchise businesses available. D. support you'll receive from the parent corporation. I think that is A

small business management
Gary and Wilma Johnson plan to open a bus tour business, taking people from their small city to historic sites along the East Coast. Tours will include bus fare, hotel accommodations, breakfast, and admission to the sites. What aspect of their research might they want to pay ...

small business management
Which one of the following may be the least valuable source of advice when you're researching the market for your new business? A. Online attorneys who offer 24/7 Web site service B. Other business owners with similar businesses C. Local attorneys who specialize in business ...

I want to buy a house in 5 years. I need to have a down payment of $50,000. How much do I need to have today in order to have the down payment, if I can earn 5%? not sure how to go about this problem

Q1.With the aid of a diagram discuss the marketing systems Q2.Discuss the problems that occur when universities and industry form joint ventures for research purposes.How have these problems been solved?

I want to buy a car with cash in 4 years. I have $10,000.00 that I can invest today. I can get a bond earning 4%. How much will I have for the purchase? This is what I am thinking for an answer but not quite sure: N=4 years I=4% PV=10,000 for a total of 11698.59 Am I on the ...

casanayan national high school
How did you solve business-related problems during the early years?

Which word is verb in the following sentences. My aunt is the author of a comic strip Her office is a busy and colorful place. The characters in her strip are little animals. The sales of his newspaper were high. Now comics have become serious business for publishers

phakamani secondary school
business,tourism.economics,maths literacy.whch requement are needed.

Please tell me the verb in the following sentences 1) my aunt is the author of a comic strip? 2) her office is a busy and colorful place? 3)the characters in her strip are little animals ? 4) the sales of his newspaper were high? 5) now comics have become serious business for ...

TRUE OR FALSE 35. A survey of women owned business found that approximately 30% of all small businesses are owned by non‐Hispanic white women. In a sample of 250 non‐Hispanic businesses owned by whites, the average number of businesses owned by female would be 75. ...

How could an opponent in bargaining overcome what appears to be a strong commitment to an issue by its opposite member?

What balance should exist between local-level and national-level influences in negotiations? Should this balance differ by bargaining issue?

To what extent should management allow the union to select the components of an economic package in a contract negotiation?

Why are union officials likely to oppose flexible work hours and other innovative work schedules?

Is it to an employer’s advantage to enjoy the lower turnover rates that unionization seems to include?

What demands would most likely be advocated by union leaders interested in obtaining contract ratification?

What are the costs and benefits for management of allowing the union to decide how the economic package should be divided?

Meriti secondray school.
What can I be or what can be come with Accounting and Business study and Maths lit plzzzz help me

Price Action on ebay are an example of a. e-business b. information c. entertainment d. communication I have a. e-business please help me

introduction to business
The rate the feds charges members banks for short term loans is called: A.reserve requirement b. discount rate c. margin rate d. federal rate My answer is B Discount rate can someone please verify...thanks in advance

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