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In what way is a conservator similar to a scientist? A:Both conservator and scientist relish doing research for extended periods of time. B:a conservator experiments with conservation materials just as a scientist experiments with different hypothesis. C:conservators and ...

Help please You want to find a painting of Abraham at a religious art exhibit Where are you more likely to have success? in the Jewish, Christian, or Muslim displays only in the Jewish displays in the Christian and possibly the Jewish displays In the Christian and possibly ...

What was marcel duchamp's reaction to the public outcry against his work nude descending a staircase (No.2)? Duchamp was crushed; he wanted to be accepted by the public Duchamp simply ignored the controversy and created more Art Duchamp was delighted; even negative helped to ...

The wood framing for an art canvas costs $4.84 per foot. How much would the wood framing cost for a rectangle picture that measures 4 ft by 6 ft?

You want to find a painting of Abraham at a religious art exhibit. Where are you more likely to have success? A:in the Jewish, Christian, or Muslim displays. B:only in the Jewish display. C:in the Christian and possibly Jewish displays. D:in the Muslim display. The answer ...

In a class of 80 students,53 study Art,60 study biology,36 study art and biology,34 study art and chemistry,6 study biology and 18 study biology but not chemistry.Determine the number of students who study =Art only =Chemistry only

A painting by sir william chambers and j haberkon the artwork here was likely created for which of the following reasons? A) utilitarian reasons because it is a design for a building. B) expressive reasons because it represents the artists mood at the time. C) entertainment ...

In a class of 80 students,53 study Art,60 study biology,36 study Art and biology,34 study Art and chemistry,6 study biology but not chemistry.Illustrate the information on a Venn diagram.Determine the number of students who study Art only And Chemistry only

how would you say, "I like art class" in Spanish?

Effective Learning Environment
Alea is developing a classroom for the infants she cares for who are ages six weeks through eight months. Which of the following centers would be appropriate to include? A. A physical center with pull-up railing B. A doll center C. An art center with watercolor paints D. A ...

One easy question Which excerpt from Robert Burns’s “To a Mouse” best conveys understanding and forgiveness? “…An’ weary winter comin’ fast,/An cozie here, beneath the blast…”<<< “Thy wee-bit housie, too, in ruin!/Its silly wa’s the win’s are ...

Art Design
What are the principles of art?

language art
From the play "The Diary of Anne Frank" Examples of Dramatic Irony - Find 3 of them. Find the quote. Explain why it is ironic.

This Egyptian leather scrap gives clues about ancient bookbinding techniques. What value does this piece hold for the museum that preserves it? a.scholastic value b.provenance c.(cultural heritage) value It is the Painted Leather Fragment by an Egyptian Artist, now in...

Supportive learning environment
The ideal early childhood schedule for preschool children contains which of the following? A. Frequent changes in activities so children don't get bored B. A 45-minute circle time activity C. Integrated activities within a large block of time D. A specific time for each ...

An art teacher wants to do a project for her 12 seventh graders. Each student will need 2 feet of yarn. If the total is $18, write an equation to determine the cost of yarn, c, per foot. So what am i supposed to do here? i am so lost. i don't know where all the #'s go. Someone...

science physics solar
In state-of-the-art crystalline silicon solar cells technology, based on p-type silicon, a back surface field (BSF) is implemented. This BSF is implemented, because in this way: The barrier for hole collection at the back contact is reduced, increasing the surface ...

solar science physics
In state-of-the-art crystalline silicon solar cells technology, based on p-type silicon, a back surface field (BSF) is implemented. This BSF is implemented, because in this way:

Which statement best describes the difference between preservation and restoration? 1. Preservation is lengthy while restoration is relatively quick. 2. Restoration involves chemicals, while preservation uses special containers. 3. (Preservation is a highly complex science; ...

Which step below is one that a conservator must take to preserve or restore art? 1.Repair the artwork using untested methods. 2.Leave a fragile piece of artwork on display for viewers to handle and touch. 3.Keep all art away from viewers for fear that it might become degraded...

dose anyone know the answers to lesson 1 unit 3 quick check because i am stumped

ONLY ANSWER IS U KNOW WHAT THE PICTURES ARE FOR LESSON 1 UNIT 2 IN ART. Choose the most appropriate method of restoration and preservation for the broken pottery vessel. 1. Use duct tape to patch the pot, then display in a case. 2. Use special glue to repair the shape of the ...

Individuals can use different criteria to analyze artwork. What would be an example of inappropriate criteria for analyzing this piece of art. A- Capturing daily scenes B- capturing likeness to the individuals C- Creating an image using photo-realism( I pick this) D- using ...

There are 44 students and 6 adults attending a field trip to an art museum. What is the ratio of adults to children? 1.44:6 2.(6:44) 3.6:60 4.44:60

why did the artist most likely color the hair against a black and white background (1 point) A: to illustrate a person that is very organized B:to illustrate a person with limited imagination C:to illustrate a creative personality D: to illustrate a calm personality

children's literature
Aesthetic development increases a person’s appreciation of: A. beauty and numbers. B. art and numbers. C. beauty and art. D. beauty and science. D?

children's literature
If the developmental goal is for children to respond favorably to diverse styles of music and art then, you can provide students with the following activity: • A. encourage careful observation of illustrations. • B. present books that are inventive. • C. organize ...

children's literature
If the developmental goal is children to exhibit a sensory awareness then, you can provide students with the following activity: • A. encourage careful observation of illustrations. • B. present books that are inventive. • C. organize effective art projects. • D. read ...

children's literature
Having students compare the styles of art used in Rosie’s Walk to those in Hattie and the Fox encourages __________ development. • A. social and moral • B. personality • C. aesthetic and creative • D. intellectual C?

children''s literature
Which of the following is NOT an example of how to make creative experience enjoyable for the students and yourself? • A. Choosing songs from one topic or theme for the entire year. • B. Organizing art projects so they run effectively and efficiently. • C. Choosing songs...

Using Words Correctly
Decide whether the vocabulary word has been used correctly in the sentence. Write correct for correct use and Incorrect for incorrect use. 1. The employee's unseemly behavior helped him to receive a promotion. <-- Incorrect 2. During press receptions the feuding stars ...

For an art exhibit, Craig has to choose 3 ceramic mugs out of the 7 that he made over the summer. In how many ways can he arrange these 3 mugs in a row?

Which style of art is often described as a comic book style? A. Cubism B. Fauvism C. Op Art D. Pop Art ••• D is my answer.

Grade 6, percentage
At the beginning of the year,40% of the pupils in the art club were the middle of the year 25% of the girls left but 8 more boys joined the art club.the number of members became 42.find the total numbers of art club members at the beginning of the year.

1. Which of the following is present in this painting? (Adoration of the Shepherds) warm colors movement value asymmetrical balance 2. How did the artist create interesting textures in this image? by experimenting with various brushstrokes by using only one color by ...

Social Studies
1.Diversity most closely means (1 point) A. Sharing cultural traits and practices with others. B. Making up a whole of many different parts. ** C. being a member of a small ethnic group. D. Having many similar regions next to one other. 2. How does life in Istanbul differ from...

i need help which of the following most influences the art of tessellations a. language arts b. social studies c. science d. mathematics please someone help im really confused

Art History, college
Is there a difference between the Flamboyant style and the Late Gothic style of architecture?

Language Art
Which of the following best expresses the main idea of the selection? a.) Heavy objects can be lifted like feathers... b.)In fact, everything is fun , nothing is hard c.) Being weightless in space is so exciting d.)...they do somersaults and acrobatics without effort

Art History, college
Q:Describe, with specific examples, what kind of art the Hiberno-Saxons are best known for. Include a basic progression of this art-type’s development ? A: The kind of art that the Hiberno-Saxons are best known for is their illuminated manuscripts as many of the earliest ...

what text features do the author of "Art, Architecture, and Learning in Egypt" use to help readers better understand pyramids. Describe how this text features provide additional information about pyramids that is not in the main text. I am having trouble with this. HELP

Art History, college
Q:In which era did icons develop importance? A: I believe icons developed importance in the early 3rd century due to icons being associated with the early Byzantine and Eastern Orthodox Churches.

My internet is down for my computer and I can only use data. I can't go back for my notes 1. This drawing was made using what natural resource? (1 point) A. harvesting the clay from a corn plant B. making the clay from water and pigments C. making the clay by mixing sand and ...

In the State of Union Address the President promised to improve the faltering economy, to increase the amount of federal funding available for the art programs and ?

What did Zen Buddhism contribute to Japanese culture? the answer choices are A. a focus on self-reliance, meditation, and devotion to duty B. a focus on increasing military power C. a decrease in the development of art and drama D. dependence of customs and traditions of china

Social Studies
1. Some Polynesian islands are ring-shaped coral islands that surround a body of water, or copra. coral.>>> atolls. plates. 2. In the mid-1800s, what event played a part in the large increase in British immigration to Australia? Aborigines moved to the outback. ...

Could you please check my answer please...thank you Which of the following is the best evaluation of the artwork based on the criterion that the piece feature imaginary creatures or things. 1. The artwork is successful because it features a fully clothed raven-headed winged ...

You have two boxes of colored pens. The first box contains a red pen, a blue pen, and a green pen. The second box contains a yellow pen, a red pen, and a black pen. What is the set that represents all the pens? (1 point) {red pen, blue pen, green pen}{red pen}{red pen, red pen...

Art in review Lesson 5 unit 2
1. Through this collection, you can gain a better understanding of all of the following EXCEPT: A. the history and traditions of a group of people. B. the diversity of a group of people during a specific time period C. the aesthetic choices preferred by a group of people. D. ...

English comp 1
Revise the following paragraph, improving it without changing its overall meaning. Pay particular attention to any potential sentence fragments.     I love Impressionist art. When I was a child, I went to the museum. The art museum. I stood in front of Monet's painting of ...

what other natural resource is mixed with these pigments to make paint? A)oils** B)graphite C)charcoal D)clay

Any tips for drawing life like??

what type of collection would include this type of artwork

which of the following is not an element of baroque or rococo architecture a movement b columns c ornamentation d minimalism

25% of 5th graders would choose to have music instead of art. If there are 60 5th graders, how many of them choose?

Math HELP!!
Chuck needs to cut a piece of cardboard for an art project at school. He has four pieces of cardboard that he can cut from: 6 inches, 5 inches, 7 inches, and 3 inches. If the length of the cardboard he needs is √35 inches, which piece of cardboard should he cut to create the...

(this is vital. I need to pass this, its a big part of my grade and you HAVE to see the picture) (gyazo(.)com/bb51395755cee29dbfc14c05731​5bb4a) The artist was able to create this tessellation through the use of.. 1. Postive space to form a pattern 2. Value changes to ...

Which of the following subjects enabled artists to begin using clay to form art? 1. Language arts 2. Social Studies 3. Mathematics 4. Science *** I think its D.

art history
in the painting the wedding, each person is a

art history
in the painting the wedding, each person is a

Hundertwasser who was born in December15, 1928 in Austria and died in February19, 2000. What do you think about characteristics of his work?

i tried researching but no website gave a clear answer. Does anyone know why cubism ended or faded away in the 1914

450 children take part in an art competition if there are 25% more boys than girls how many more boys than girls are there

Language Arts Help
Georgia O'Keeffe was one of the most famous painters of the twentieth century. At a time when a few women achieved great success as artists, she dazzled the world with her enormous canvases of brightly colored flowers and her rustic renderings of the Southwest desert. She was ...

Something a "patron" of Burger King would most likely do. a. seek knowledge b. seek sponsorship c. buy art d. buy fries Answer: d

Easy art
Who is famous for painting the ram's skull and has the first name that is a state?

Visual Arts
What are the 4 spatial types in art?

 An art class is making a mural for their school which has a triangle drawn in the middle. The length of the bottom of the triangle is x. Another side is 10 more than four times the length of the bottom of the triangle. The last side is 3 more than the bottom of the ...

The math tessellations: unit 4 1. The architectural design was created by: 1. using an organic pattern in the form of tessellation. 2. using a geometric pattern in the form a tessellation. 3. using no definite pattern and placing shapes randomly. 4. using patterns that ...

Core World History
Which is an accurate statement about Greek art and architecture? Greek art and architecture are characterized by asymmetrical, informal designs. Greek art is known for the use of a special purple paint made only in Greece? Greek art and architecture are characterized by order...

1. What does "Yo necesito la carpeta de argollas" mean in Spanish? A. You need a calculator. B. I need the three-ring binder. **** C. You need to take science class. D. I need a dictionary 2. What country was Diego Rivera from? A. Cuba B. Puerto Rico C. México **** D. España...

Art History, college
Q: How did the Babylonians make the Ishtar Gate blue (and all its other colors)? A: The Babylonians make the Ishtar Gate blue (and all its other colors) through the use of blue glazed enameled bricks for the blue which was thought to be made of the precious stone,lapis luzli, ...

Art History, college
Q:The Old Kingdom, or Old Dynasty, of Egypt is considered the golden age of Egypt. Using specific examples, explain why. A:The Old Kingdom, or Old Dynasty, of Egypt is considered the golden age of Egypt because of the monumental building efforts such as the funerary complex of...

Which of the following is a convention that Chinese artists used in paintings? They sketched pencil outlines and then painted over them with black ink. They used one type of brushstroke to give their paintings unity and balance. They painted humans much smaller than the ...

These are points for my Artist Presentation in French. Is everything grammatically correct in French? This is info of SLIDE 1 (Biographe) •Eugene est née en le 26 (vingt-six) avril, 1798 (mille sept cent quatre-vingt-dix-huit) en Charenton-Saint-Maurice •Passé situé à ...

To create this lighthouse scene, the artist

Theatre and Art
Once a playwright sold his manuscript, he could continue to collect royalties on his work. True or False

I need to choose which 5 of these are antithesis. Please tell me if i'm correct. I put a star next to them. *A little learning is a dangerous thing, drinking deep or taste not the pierian spring *be not the first by whom the new are tried, nor yet the last to lay the old aside...

Language art
Consider the main characters from " The Stolen Day and the night the bed fell in a paragraph discuss which character learns the most and which one learns the least. PLZ ANSWER ASAP and yes I have read both stories

this piece of art primarily represents art that

this image was created by using basic math concepts that include all of the following except A)knowing how to create a pattern B)using understanding the angles of the shapes C) a basic understanding of different geometric shapes. D) applying appropriate formulas to determine ...

To make green paint, Jeff's art teacher instructed him to mix blue and yellow paint. To make the desired shade of green, the ratio of blue paint to yellow paint is 3:4. What the does the ratio 3:4 mean? a. 4 parts yellow for every 3 parts blue b. 4 parts blue for every 3 parts...

Through the artist's use of cool colors, which of the following principles of design is most evident In this image? A. radical balance ** B. harmony C. emphasis D. proportion the pic is Green Wheat Fields, Auvers By: Vincent van Gogh

How is graffiti typically used as an art form? Walls are painted to blend in with the surroundings History recorded in an open minded way Individuals express there social and political opinions*** Utilitarian art is crated two dimensions.

art history definition History definition

In a class of 80 students, 53 study Art, 60 study Biology, 36 study Art and Biology, 34 study Art and Chemistry, 6 study Biology only and 18 study Biology but not Chemistry. Illustrate the information on a Venn diagram. Determine the number of students who study (I) Arts only...

Gina's art teacher mixes 9 pints of yellow paint with 6 pints of blue paint create green paint. Gina mixes 4 pints of yellow paint with 3 pints of blue paint. Did Gina use the same ratio of yellow to blue paint instructed by her teacher? Explain. My Answer: 9/6=1 and 3/6= 1 ...

1. Which step did the artist clearly use when drawing this image? two vanishing points only orthogonal lines imagery in the background larger than in the foreground imagery in the foreground lighter than in the background 2. Because of the use of value change in this image, ...

This collection of bowls demonstrates expression of a somber mood B.A strong political message C.historical and cultural designs D.aesthetics and utilitarian designs... Which one is it?? Help Me Please!

To make green paint,Jeff's art teacher instructed him to mix blue and yellow paint. To make the desired shade of green, the ratio of blue paint to yellow paint is 3:4. What does this ratio mean? My Answer: It means comparing part to part (comparing how much blue paint there is...

To make green paint, Jeff's art teacher instructed him to mix blue and yellow paint. To make the desired shade of green, the ratio of blue paint to yellow paint is 3:4. What does the ratio 3:4 mean? Answer: It means comparing part to part. (Comparing how much blue paint there ...

HISTORY HELP plsssssssss
The Black Death contributed to the growth of the arts by decimating the population, leaving the survivors wealthier giving artists a universal subject to depict strengthening the control of the Church forcing people to spend more time indoors, where they could work on art is ...

this particular artwork can be viewed by some to be appealing to the eye or beautiful. what characteristics of the worker is being described? A. aesthetics ** B. critique C. heritage D. culture

To insert clip art into a document, what step should I take immediately after i find the clip art I want to insert? a. Use scroll bars to view more choices of clipart. b. Click on the clip art image. c. Click on the clip art button. d. Click insert tab at the top of the screen...

1. Which of the following design principles is evident on this dish? A. texture and harmony B. asymmetrical balance and pattern C. radial balance and pattern D. symmetrical balance and harmony My answer: C 2. The usage of white lines retreating towards the top creates the ...

Math science humanity kiswahili English art pshe
Kylie cit an Apple into 12 equal parts . if she aye 1/4 of the apple, how many parts would remain

Math Please Help Me
An art teacher has 1 1/2 pounds of red clay and 3/4 pound of yellow clay. The teacher mixes the red clay and yellow clay together. Each student in the class needs 1/8 pound of the clay mixture to finish the assigned art project for the class. How many students can enough clay ...

I am very confused on how to even begin figuring out the below problems: 1. Naomi has earned $54.00 mowing lawns the past two days. She worked 2 1/2 hours yesterday and 4 1/4 hours today. If Naomi is paid the same amount for every hour she works, how much does she earn per ...

Dino used three pieces of string to make a model of a triangle in art class. the lengths of two of the pieces of string were 3 inches and 7 inches. which could be the length in inches of the third piece of string dino used? A) 2 B) 8 C) 5**** D) 3

As you try to answer the following question think about this question What does the expression of an angry superhero mean? Which of the following steps of art critique are you conducting for this type of question? describe analyze •• present interpret correct me if I'm wrong

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