9th Grade

  1. 9th grade
    What are the similarities of ozone depletion and uv light
  2. 9th grade
    science fair ideas
  3. 9th grade
    good public speaking topics?
  4. 9th grade Algebra
    what is the inverse function of g(x)= 3x+2?
  5. 9th grade
    how do you start this problem x/x+2=4/5,x=-2
  6. 9th grade
    How do you factor this expression? 10x+15
  7. 9th grade
  8. 9th grade health
    what is an ewmotional stimulus graph
  9. 9th grade
    What is the most common form of economic activity in the U.S.?
  10. 9th grade
    cuneiform was what?
  11. 9th grade math
    y=-5x 2x-3y+17=0
  12. 9th grade
    s8impliy this exponential expression): -2 7 -8 ) 6 -9)8 (7) * (x) * (w * (x *(4) * -3) (w
  13. 9th grade
    whats an acrostic poem for chlorine
  14. 9th grade
  15. 9th grade
    What is a capillary in Earth science terms?
  16. 9th grade
    how do you find volume by the displacement method?
  17. 9th grade
    How many milligrams are in a kilogram
  18. 9th grade algebra
    what is the answer to: 6(6g-2)+8(1-5g)=2g
  19. 9th grade
    What is communism?
  20. 9th grade
    What does it take to win a Tug of War?
  21. 9th grade
    what is the cellular respiration formula
  22. 9th grade
    Who discovered the world's smallest glacier?
  23. 9th grade
  24. 9th grade
    is this right they're supposed to have really happened but are never verifiable
  25. 9th grade
    what do you call a female bug that floats?
  26. 9th grade
    What is the difference between compound and complex sentences?
  27. 9th grade algebra
    solve the equation. 15(x-3)=12x-43
  28. 9th grade
    what dose it take to win a tug of war?
  29. 9th grade
    how to unscramble colors from words?????
  30. 9th grade
  31. 9th grade
    3 over the square root of 6
  32. 9th grade
    How do you graph y equals square root x plus 4
  33. 9th grade Spanish
    Write a letter to a new pen pal. Hola, Yo me llamo Claire y you tengo 14 anos. Yo tengo dos hermanas. Ellos tienen 16 y 11 anos. Ellos se llaman Erica y Amelia. Me gusta la pizza y el chocolate. No me gusta huevos. Que te gusta comer? Yo me gusta eschuchar el radio y dormir. ...
  34. 9th grade
    How does nucleus work for restorant?
  35. 9th grade
    y=7 y=-1
  36. 9th grade
    what is physical education?
  37. 9th grade
  38. 9th grade
    how can i use the word acquaintance in a sentence?
  39. 9th grade
    What are the two main forms of Christianity?
  40. 9th grade geometry
    if RS=8y+4, ,,ST=4y+8 and RT=15y-9 find the value of y
  41. 9th grade
    what is an interior deserts
  42. 9th grade algebra
    (-6)-((-2)-5(2nd power)
  43. 9th grade
    Wat is square root spiral
  44. 9th grade
    What is new york's climate?
  45. 9th grade
    what is a landform
  46. 9th grade
    what is the purpose of a neighborhood?
  47. 9th grade
    Can you help me fine the tone to the poem oranges
  48. 9th grade
    can you show me how to work this problem 6x+2=6
  49. 9th grade
    what are the 2 driving forces of natural selection?
  50. 9th grade
    What is the value of c in the equation f(c)=0 with the funtion f(x)=9/5c +32
  51. Algebra 1 9th grade
    Which of these are less steep? y=5x+6 y=5x-6 y=x-3 y=x+3 I think it is one of the last two, but I do not know
  52. Algerbra 1, 9th grade
    what would the y-intercept be for y=2x+5?
  53. 9th grade
    what are the physical features of niagra falls
  54. 9th grade
    what is the amplitude of y=6 sin 1/8x
  55. physical science 9th grade
    how do you balance equations
  56. 9th grade
    Evaluate 3x^2 + 5y + 7 if x = -2 and y = 3 thanks in advance
  57. 9th grade
    what are the Florida voting qualifications?
  58. 9th grade
  59. 9th grade math
    how do i solve this problem? X^2-4X=0
  60. 9th grade math
    how do i solve for this problem? Xsquared-10=0
  61. 9th grade
    9 divided by radical 27a to the fifth power
  62. 9th grade
    Multiplying Binomials (b-6)*(b+3)
  63. 9th grade Pre Algebra
    y3-2y2- + 3y-4 for y+5
  64. 9th grade
    how to build a dna molecule using sticks
  65. 9th grade Algebra
    how do i solve this?!?! 4x-2y=32 -3x-5y=-11
  66. 9th grade
    solve and comparison: a)4x-9y+4 6x+15y=-13 im so lost!!!!!
  67. 9th grade
    what are energy bar graphs?
  68. 9th grade Arts and Culture
    What are the elements of art
  69. 9th grade math
    What are casual relationships??
  70. 9th grade
    How do you multiply polynomials ?
  71. 9th grade
    how do i figure out 3.50a+1.00b=1131
  72. 9th grade
    English speeches
  73. 9th grade
    how many parts is earth's lithosphere divided into?
  74. 9th grade
    f(x)=2x^2-5x f(.5) whats the answer HELP ME OUT....
  75. 9th grade
    How do you calculate the thermal amplitude
  76. 9th grade, Socials
    what is a colonie?
  77. 9th grade
    how many members are in the u.s house of representatives?
  78. 9th grade science
    For examples of carbohydrates if eggs one of them
  79. 9th grade chemistry
    what is the study of substances containing carbon?
  80. 9th grade math
    what is the most precise name for the quadrilateral with the given vertices of A(1,4), B(3,5), C(6,1), D(4,0)???
  81. 9th grade
  82. 9th grade
    Modified true or false
  83. 9th grade : Algebra
    How would you work out this problem? 2x+5y=10
  84. 9th grade
    what is simple intrest?,where do you use it in every day life?,how you use it?.
  85. 9th grade
    What catastrophe makes your kitten happy?
  86. 9th grade
  87. 9th grade
    How do you solve [x-1]=[x+3]
  88. 9th grade
    Need help with (x+5)(3xsquared-2x+1)
  89. 9th grade(Electrical)
    What is OSHA
  90. 9th grade
    In a crystal how are the atoms arranged?
  91. 9th grade
    what is criteria for calling something an injustice?
  92. 9th grade- ART
    What are the good and bad uses of clay?
  93. 9th grade
    find the area of a triangle
  94. 9th grade
    acrostic poem on p h o t o s y n t h e s i s
  95. 9th grade
    why did miss muffet need a road map
  96. 9th grade
    2x + 5 - 7x = 15
  97. 9th grade
    how does ozone form?
  98. 9th grade science
    how u covert 4.1dg____kg
  99. 9th grade
    how earth rotates?
  100. 9th grade
    I need to know about a woman name christine salazar can you help?
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