Adan drew 2 same size rectangles and divided them into the same number of equal parts. He shaded 1/3 of one rectangle and 1/4 of the other rectangle. What is the least number of parts into which both rectangles could be divided?

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  1. LCM(3,4) = 12

    He could make 3 vertical strips on each rectangle, then 4 horizontal strips on them. That way he would have the same number of small areas, and by shading in the horizontal strips on one and the vertical strips on the other the fractions involved could be used.

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  2. maybe he could use common deominator and figure out the equal shading

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  3. I don't think that the new York city of London and you have received the email

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  5. Idk how to do this help I have been doing this hw for like 100 min.

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  6. Idk to be honest help maybe common denominator

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  7. this is kinda helpful

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