Two Airplanes leave an airport at the same time on different runways. One flies on a bearing of N66degreesW at 325 miles per hour. The other airplane flies on a bearing öf S26degreesW at 300 miles per hour. How far apart will the airplanes be after 2 hours?

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asked by nina
  1. After you make your sketch, it should be simple to calculate the angle between their flight-paths to be 88° , and after 2 hours the distance covered would be
    650 and 600 miles. So a direct application of the cosine law ....

    d^2 = 650^2 + 600^2 - 2(650)(600)cos88°
    = ...
    d = √.....

    I get appr 869 miles

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    posted by Reiny

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