2) A high school drama club is putting on their annual theater production. There is a maximum of 800 tickets for the show. The costs of the tickets are $6 before the day of the show and $9 on the day of the show. To meet the expenses of the show, the club must sell at least $5,000 worth of tickets.
a) Write a system of inequalities that represent this situation.
b) The club sells 440 tickets before the day of the show. Is it possible to sell enough additional tickets on the day of the show to at least meet the expenses of the show? Justify your answer.
Aligned to CCLS: A.CED.3

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  1. a) Let x = number of presale tickets
    y = number of day of show tickets

    x + y =< 800
    6x + 9y >= 5000

    b) 6x + 9y >=5000
    6(440) + 9y >=5000

    y >= 262.2
    263 tickets

    440 advance purchase tickets added to 263 day of show tickets is 703 tickets, which is below the 800 ticket maximum. So yes, it is possible.

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