language arts

1.When actors speak in unison, they are
-speaking one after another
-talking in rhyme
-all saying the same thing at once
-quieter than normal

2.Poems often do not use standard English, standard punctuation,or standard language to describes ideas and feelings. The poet writes,"when i sleep i snore with the lions and tigers in the safari land." This is an example of ___.
-point of view

3.The poet writes "let the talking drums spread the news" and "let the words on my tombstone be multi-lingual and let them scream asante princess,african queen." She is using imagery to get the reader to _____.

4.What is the best way to correct the misplaced participial phrase in the sentence below?
The tourists found the museum walking around the city.
-Walking around the city,the tourists found the museum.
-Walking,the tourists around the city found the museum.
-The museum found the tourists walking around the city
-The tourists found walking around the city, the museum.

2.A OR B

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  1. 1 is wrong.

    2. B.

    3 and 4 are right.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 1.C

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  3. Right. 1 C

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    Ms. Sue

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