1. Brothers Bob and Tom buy a tent that has a center pole of 6.25 feet high. If the sides of the tent are supposed to make a 50deg angle with the ground, how wide is the tent?

2. A swimming pool is 30 meters long and 12 meters wide. The bottom of the pool is slanted so that the water depth is 1.3 meters at the shallow end and 3 meters at the deep end. Find the angle of depression at the bottom of the pool.

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  1. 1. let the width of the tent be 2x
    from my diagram,
    tan 50° = 6.25/x
    x = 6.25/tan50 = 5.24

    So the tent is 2(5.24) appr 10.5 ft wide

    2 make a diagram showing a side-view of the pool
    Draw a line parallel to the surface of the pool from the shallow end to the deep end, giving you a right-angled triangle
    let the angle be Ø
    tanØ = 1.7/30 = .05666..
    Ø = 3.24°

    (notice the width of the pool does not enter the picture)

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