I urgently need your help with a few sentences. Can you tell me which alternatives are possible?

1) What do you think of/about these shoes?
2) AlL the ones I have been shown are uncool
3) all of the ones I have been shown...
4) He was given two weeks by the judge in which to pay the fine
5) More shorts will probably be delivered ... will be probably delivered (?)
6) Each of us was asked asked by the police about his movements on the night of the crime.
7) clashing colours (contrasting colors is possible?)

8) Those shoes are really dull (is "boring" possible to describe shoes?)

9) Is Laura often mistaken for a film star? Yes, she is

Has Laura ofen been mistaken for a film star? Yes, she has (Are both possible in a fill-in-the-blank activity?)

10) I was told to get (not take? meaning buy) practical boots.

11) Do you best too finish the exercise. The more practice you get on grammar the better results you will achieve (??)

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  1. 1) What is your opinion on this pair of shoes?
    2) All of the ones that others have shown me are not stylish.
    3) ?
    4)The judge gave him exactly two weeks to pay his fines.
    5)More shorts are likely to be delivered.
    6) The police asked each of us about his movements on the night of the crime.
    7) Clashing colors ( contrasting colors really isn't grammatically correct.)
    8) Dull is a better choice of vocabulary. it sounds smarter than boring.
    9)Both are OK
    10) just use buy not "get" or "take."
    11) Do your best to finish this exercise. You will get better results in your grammar, the more you practice.
    I hope this helped!

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