College Algebra

Pencils cost 20 cents and pens cost 50 cents. Mabel buys x pencils and y pens, spending $2.00.

Write an equation in slope-intercept form that expresses y in terms of x.

slope= -2/5 what does it represent?
y-intercept= 4 what does it represent?

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  1. Correct.

    20 cents =0.2 $

    50 cents =0.5 $

    0.2 x + 0.5 y = 2 Subtract 0.2 to both sides

    0.2 x + 0.5 y - 0.2 x = 2 - 0.2 x

    0. 5 y = 2 - 0.2 x multiply both sides by 2

    y = 4 - 0.4 x

    y = - 0.4 x + 4

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