instrumental anaylsis

We were given an unknown to identify using UV-VIS spec based on the wavelength of maximum absorbance and the shape of the curve produced. One of the questions at the end of the report is "Are you able to identify the chromophore? Describe." I'm not exactly sure what they mean by the question. I know that a chromophore is the portion of a molecule that is responsible for its color but I'm not sure if they mean were we able to identify the unknown compound given to us or if we were able to determine the portion that provides the color (which was a white powder, colorless in solution)

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  1. I don't know which you were supposed to do but the question asked if you were able to identify the group responsible and not were you able to identify the compound. The sentence in question may have been just a poorly worded question.

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  2. yea that's what i was thinking too, that it was meant to ask if i was able to identify my unknown because through just uv-vis i can't think of any way that would be able to identify the specific portion of the compound besides looking up the molecular structure

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